Heal the Bay Releases Beach Ratings Based on Water Quality

The beach around Malibu Pier doesn't rate as well as other spots along the coast in Malibu.

Malibu. Patch file photo.
Malibu. Patch file photo.

As residents prepare to flock to the coast for Memorial Day weekend, the environmental group Heal the Bay announced today that water quality improved dramatically over the past year at Los Angeles County beaches -- a side benefit from the drought plaguing the state.

But despite the improvement brought on by the lack of polluted rain runoff, the county still leads the state in the number of beaches suffering from overall poor water quality, according to the group's24th annual Beach Report Card, which assigns letter grades to beaches across the state.

One in 10 Los Angeles County beaches received grades of C or worse for pollution during the 2013-14 summer period, which stretched from April through October of last year, according to the report. Three Los Angeles County beaches -- Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey, Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro and the beach at the Santa Monica Pier -- earned spots on Heal the Bay's "Beach Bummer List" of the most polluted beaches in the state.

Malibu area beach ratings (first grade for summer, second for dry winter months, third grade for wet weather):

  • Leo Carrillo Beach at Arroyo Sequit Creek A+ A A+
  • Nicholas Beach at San Nicholas Canyon Creek A+, A, A+
  • Encinal Canyon at El Matador State Beach A, A+, A+
  • Broad Beach at Trancas Creek mouth A, B, A
  • Zuma Beach at Zuma Creek mouth A, A, A
  • Walnut Creek, projection of Wildlife Road, private A+, A, A+
  • Unnamed Creek, projection of Zumirez Drive, Little Dume A+, A, B
  • Paradise Cove Pier at Ramirez Canyon Creek A+, D, F
  • Escondido Creek, just east of Escondido State Beach A, A, B
  • Latigo Canyon Creek mouth A, B, B
  • Solstice Canyon at Dan Blocker County Beach A, A, B
  • Unnamed Creek, adj. to public stairway at 24822 Malibu Rd A, A, A+
  • Puerco State Beach at creek mouth A, A, A+
  • Marie Canyon storm drain at Puerco Beach A, B, C
  • Malibu Point A+, A+, A
  • Surfrider Beach, breach point B, F, F
  • Malibu Pier, 50 yards east C, C, B
  • Carbon Beach at Sweetwater Canyon A, A, A+
  • Las Flores State Beach at Las Flores Creek A, A, F
  • Big Rock Beach at stairs, 19948 Pacific Coast Highway A, C, F
  • Pena Creek at Las Tunas County Beach A+, A+, A+
  • Tuna Canyon A

In contrast, eight Los Angeles County beaches landed on the group's Honor Roll, which recognizes beaches that scored perfect A+ grades for the report's three time periods. Twelve beaches in Orange County were listed on the Honor Roll.

"We've seen marked improvements in California's beach water quality this year due to the historically dry conditions," according to Kirsten James, science and policy director for water quality for Heal the Bay. "However, the rains will return, and when they do, we need to capture this valuable resource to maximize our local water supplies and keep polluted water out of our ocean."

Heal the Bay officials noted that Avalon Beach, which has traditionally been ranked among one of the most polluted beaches in the state, dropped off of the Beach Bummer List this year, thanks to a series of efforts to improve water quality, including nearly $6 million in sewer system improvements. Poche Beach in Orange County also fell off the list.

According to Heal the Bay, 90 percent of Los Angeles County beaches received A or B grades during the April-October 2013 summer period, up from 6 percent over the previous year.

--City News Service

Wendi Werner May 27, 2014 at 09:32 PM
Too bad for you, we still have the documents to prove that is exactly what was said to the public. And the videos. And the monies pulled for the hack restoration that were pulled under the guise of cleaning the water. Still have those documents too. ....."To improve water quality in both the lagoon and along the coast which are impaired with coliform"....... We still have F grades after you hacks ruined that area, but you will will have your massive monitoring project for years to come. You say you cleaned the trash. HA We had to send photos to a Parks rep recently that showed massive plastic and trash from the mouth of the lagoon. Still have those photos too. We were out there cleaning. Where were you? Oh yea, it was the weekend and you weren't getting paid for your monitoring project.
Wendi Werner May 27, 2014 at 09:37 PM
Tell me how did your massive concrete and Steele contract clean the water? Where are the new monitoring studies that were supposed to be shown to the public a year ago? The whole boondoggle of this project with your PR spin is an f grade and I am glad to see that the public gets it so much that your clean drinking water bond set for this November won't pass.
kitt sulahcat May 28, 2014 at 02:54 PM
Ms. Werner with her willful ignorance and distortions reigns supreme.
Wendi Werner May 29, 2014 at 11:58 AM
Monitoring Plan: A detailed monitoring plan has been incorporated into the project consisting of field observations and monitoring to be undertaken prior to, during and following project implementation. Specific monitoring tasks and decision-points are specified to feed into an adaptive management framework to ensure long-term restoration integrity and success. The monitoring plan includes habitat (flora and fauna), water quality (both open and closed lagoon conditions)
Wendi Werner May 29, 2014 at 12:04 PM
So much for them telling us that this restoration was not about improving water quality. Time and time again, we can refer back to the documents that show how millions of dollars were allocated.


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