Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Labs, among the gentlest dogs, are available for adoption at the South Los Angeles Shelter in large numbers.

We've got lots of labs right now with perfect personalities, amazing appearances. These delightful dogs need a home immediately. Our shelter is packed with more coming in every day and dogs can only be held a short time.


At a year old, Cricket is a near clone of Jiminy. The ears are a bit different, the fur not quite so curly, but she is shy and super sweet. A gentle girl who has energy and devotion galore. Also kenneled with other dogs and is happy-go-lucky. Adoption No. A1326662.


Jiminy is such a handsome fellow. Initially shy but extra sweet to make up for it. He's a soft, fluffy puppy looking for just the right home  -- not just a backyard.  Kenneled with another doggy or two and does fine there. Adoption No. 1327591.


These next two labs came into the shelter with medical issues. Jetset will need some additional tlc and attention -- but what is rescue all about?  Romeo is healing and is a stealer of hearts -- so watch out! If you wish to adopt or donate to their care, please let me know!

At two years old, Jetset is ready to fly round the world. But, she can't get too far right now  --  there's this leg that doesn't work. Meaning radial nerve paralysis of the left front leg which translates into probable amputation. No broken bones, luckily.  But, a medical case just the same.  Jetset is an absolute angel with a heart of gold and a coat of jet black. She's gorgeous and always ready for a romp. 

How I wish I could have taken her for a long walk as I imagine she would like nothing better than to stretch those legs and go, go go. (It was nearly impossible to get a photo as she wouldn't keep still for more than a second.)  This girl will make someone very, very happy. After all, who could resist that tongue? Then there are those take-off ears!!! If you would like to donate to a qualified rescue so that this girl is safe and gets proper medical treatment, please let me know. Adoption No. A1324563.


Another true love, Romeo came into the shelter after perhaps getting a bit roughed up while searching for his Juliet. When he arrived his back leg was a injured and he had an open wound on his front leg. But, this romantic fellow is doing much better now. We didn't notice any limping and his boo-boo has been treated by the caring SLA medical staff.

Romeo is all about love! A super affectionate boy who wanted to kiss every other dog in his ISO room. Remember, ISO space is precious and dogs cannot be held for long (he's been there since July 8th  -- so come meet Romeo today. He's irresistible!!! Adoption No. A1324958.

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea at email IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com, phone (323) 363-4909  She's happy to meet you at the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter at 3612 11th Ave., which can be reached at (888) 452-7381 or online at www.LAAnimalServices.com.


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