Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Both these puppies are ready to cuddle up on your lap, especially on a cloudy day.


A little bit bashful puppy. A little bit bewildered. "Gray" is a beauty of a brindle with a coat of soft oranges, pale grays, mixed with ivories, all swirled around like marbled ice cream. Truly yummy. No photo can do her justice. She is absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind.   

Those ears alone are enough to make your jaw drop. They are reminiscent of the regal Pharaoh Hound. But, aside from her physical allure, there is a refinement, a gentleness that is apparent as well. Gray is initially shy with new people but undeniably as sweet as they come. Her previous family included small children, teenagers and adults. And as for her canine background, she lived with a dachsund and now shares kennel space with two other large dogs.  

Walking her through the kennels elicits no reaction on her part, just a graceful stroll. Gray is only 10 months old so still a puppy in many ways, even though she weighs in at 49 tastefully proportioned pounds. Attached is an all-too-brief video clip of this truly special girl.

Please consider saving colorful Gray today. Her adoption number is A1351968.


Ava is a breathtakingly beautiful puppy, similar to Gray in many ways. Her eyes are exquisite, soft brown, circled with smoky gray fur as if she just visited a make-up counter. She's got lovely white accents throughout her caramel coat.  But, it's her gentle demeanor that is probably her most outstanding feature. 

Ava is shy and quiet, super sweet and devoted to her human friends. Angelic would be a good description. She's the type of girl who will crawl on her belly to get closer to you, then plop into your lap and stay there for as long as she is allowed.  

Ava also gets along great with other dogs, came from a home with a matching male, and currently shares a kennel with a lovely border collie. Still a teenager at 11 months and a perfectly-sized 40 pounds, she yearns to explore the world. 

Quite intelligent she quickly picked up basic commands the day she joined us at the park for our adoption event. We are all dismayed when we had to put her back on the truck at the end of the day. Ava promises to bring you so much joy if you'll just give her a chance. Her adoption number is A1355323.


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