Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Two quiet, shy girls are looking for a loving home.


Down at the far end of the kennels, just before the medical room, two dogs lay huddled together on their plastic bed. 

Mizzy had just arrived at the shelter, yet wrapped herself around her new pal for comfort. Her head lay on the black dog's back and she stood out with her white and tricolor patches against the darkness. 

At that point, Mizzy didn't even have an impound photo so we decided to get her out for one. Lo and behold, this girl standing up was about the same height as she as when laying down. Mizzy is a "pocket pit," with squat legs and a compact body. Her weight is listed as 35 pounds because she has "big bones," to put it delicately.  

Mizzy is a girl who, until her visit to the shelter, never had a friend. I don't think she had ever seen the outside of her yard. When we walked her in front of the shelter, she was puzzled, amazed, excited and terrified all at the same time.  Her eyes widened as she watched the big dairy trucks wheeze when backing up into the plant across the street. And she jumped three feet in the air when a man and his dog walked past, so that the ACT taking her photo had to hold her tight and comfort her.  

Mizzy did calm down, though she still seemed uncertain about the commotion that we take for granted in our daily world. That's understandable, though tragically sad, for many shelter dogs who've never had an opportunity to go for walks, ride in a car, play with visitors. Once we returned to the kennel, Mizzy immediately circled herself in her bed, the one safe spot she knew. I knelt down, stroked her head and spoke softly to her. Suddenly, astonishingly, she approached me, put her paw on my leg and gave me three licks on my cheek.  Needless to say, tears came to my eyes.

There are any number of Mizzy's who get passed by daily in the shelter. Dogs that do no wrong, are unassuming, and have little hope. Perhaps someone will read Mizzy's plea and decide she is worthy of a visit. Her three long years of monotony can be forgotten and she can have another ten of joy, if adopted.  Mizzy's Adoption ID number is A1363505.


Vera's awfully big for being such a baby. A tall girl who nearly towers over her kennel mates, weighs 54 pounds, yet doesn't want to leave her kennel. It's quite amusing. But, once out, she's glorious. Though shy, Vera is a super sweet girl who greets you with a wagging tail when you come to visit. She's got the cutest turned up nose, a lovely thick red coat, and soft brown eyes that make her so appealing. 

There's the gentleness of a 2 year old lab mixed with just a touch of the spunkiness of a German Shepherd. Vera is submissive with the other dogs in her kennel. She lets them approach the front, lets them eat first. 

Not wanting to cause any trouble, she waits for someone to recognize her ladylike beauty. She's devoted and decent and divine. And desperately in need of a friend. 

This is a dog who will always be grateful to you for saving her life. Vera's Adoption ID number is A1363688.

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea at email IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com, phone (323) 363-4909. She's happy to meet you at the shelter, which is located at 3612 11th Ave., LA. The South LA Shelter can be reached at (888) 452-7381 or online at www.LAAnimalServices.com.


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