Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

There may not be anything cuter than a rolly-polly bundle of fur. This family desperately needs out now as the South L.A. shelter is closing their annex where the moms and pups are kept.

Mother Eve and pups

Is there anything cuter than a rolly-polly bundle of fur?  Perhaps, if it's an entire family of rolly-polly's. 

Momma Eve and her creamy brood are undeniably adorable and more fun to watch than a 4-star movie. When they arrived at the shelter in a plastic container, Eve was worn and tired, having just given birth to three pups. 

As it happened, one of the babies died shortly thereafter, but the remaining two females continued to thrive, getting fat and sassy.

Originally very protective of her babies, 2-year old, only 20 pound Eve would bark when strangers approached her kennel. But, now that the kids are able to fend for themselves, she's more than willing to leave them for a while and get some alone time with her human friends. 

Eve is a luscious lady with silky, creamy fur. Her pups have the same coloring and are soft to the touch. Wouldn't it be great to have a gang like this in your home? Or even one or two of them? 

This family desperately needs out now as the South L.A. shelter is closing their annex where the moms and pups are kept. Please help! Eve's Adoption number is A1339961 and her pups are A1339977 and A1339978.


While Eve is a mom with pups, Heart is a mom without pups. Heart arrived at the shelter pregnant, very pregnant. As shelters are so horribly overcrowded already, the decision was made to abort Heart's puppies and put her up for adoption right away.  

So, our girl is adjusting to a new way of life, hoping to find a home by herself without a brood tagging along. Who could resist Heart's heart? It's right there on the side of her neck, like a gray tattoo on a white ground.  

She is such a sweet girl, so loving with people, so willing to follow whatever you ask of her.  Heart is more particular when it comes to her canine associates and would most likely do best in a home without other dogs.  

At 2 years old, she probably was not socialized with friendly dogs and, while she seems fine with males and smaller dogs, has not appreciated other strong females. Of course, having just been spayed and had hormones raging while in her expectant state, some of her displeasure might be due to her medical condition. 

This lovely, medium-sized Staffie deserves another chance at happiness. Heart wears her heart on her sleeve and hopes you do as well. If you meet her, you're sure to fall in love. Heart's Adoption number is A1343303.

J. Flo October 04, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Mom is so beautiful! Only 20 lbs and just 2 years young! The puppies will get adopted but we always worry about the moms. That sweet, freckled face, so easy to fall in love with! And Heart is truly in danger! Please open your hearts and save a life by adopting from animal shelters. There is simply no reason to go to a breeder or pet store. Let's save the innocent lives that so need us!


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