Malibu Pie Festival Is a Slice of Heaven

Music, dancing, food and, of course—pie highlight the annual Malibu event.

The Malibu Pie Festival is quickly becoming a local "must go to" tradition, and the  crowd on Saturday at the 22nd annual edition would agree that it was the place to be. With pies in too many varieties to count, the festival at the has truly become a happening event. The festivities included music, dancing, face painting, a drum circle, massages, pie eating contests and award-winning pies.

Yes, there were pies and more pies. And despite the large crowd, there was plenty for everyone. And this year, you could get a scoop of ice cream to go with your pie. There were pies made by professionals and pies made by children. There were chocolate pies and pecan pies and berry pies and sugar free pies. Yes, pies were the main attraction at the Pie Festival, but there was so much more.

The Pie Festival is really a community gathering. The attendees, while eating their pie, enjoyed music by the Melvin Eddy Blues Band and Naomi Louise Warne, as well as an impressive martial arts demonstration by and talented dancing from the children at Miss Charissa's Dance Star. There was also a handful of great gift baskets and Dr. Tony Hall was busy massaging and adjusting those in need of his magic hands.

George's Greek Truck and also were serving up food when too much pie became, well, too much. D'Amore's is also a quality pie, of the pizza variety, and attendees were amazed at how good George's falafel was. 

A great time was enjoyed by all who attended, and they look forward to next year's big event.

This year's contest winners:

APPLE - 1.  Laurie Principe  2. and Laurie Principe.

FRUIT - 1. Lynda Pingatore  2. Laura Hicks  3. Alexandra Durazzano

MERINGUE/CREAM - 1. Diane Jenson  2. Dominica Schiro  3. Dorothy Reinhold

CHEESECAKE - 1. Christina Hoag

PROFESSIONAL - Three way tie - , Christine Bocchino/ & Savory

CHOCOLATE - 1. Tie between Alexandra Durazzano and Dorothy Reinhold  2. Dorothy Reinhold 

SEASONAL - 1. Alexandra Durazzano  2. Lynda Pingatore  3. Dorothy Reinhold

CHILDREN'S 6 & Under - 1. Joshua & Lucas Doyle  2. Noah Fox & Zoe Doyle  3. Science Room

CHILDREN'S 7-10 - 1. Rachel DeAngele's  2. Taffany Zavola  3. Tripp Principe

CHILDREN'S 11-14 - 1. Tiffany Martin  2. Christina Leonardo & Abby Blackwood  3. Sabrina Carey

Jonathan Friedman October 16, 2011 at 03:03 PM
Congratulations to your daughter Barbara!
Allison Ray October 16, 2011 at 04:14 PM
Until yesterday, I can't believe I never made it to the Pie Festival! It was really a sweet, down-home event. Thank you for everyone who sponsored it and participated.
We were stoked to be part of such a great event. A big Mahalo to everyone for coming out and a big Mahalo to all the students who participated and demonstrated what THE PIT OHANA is all about.
Jonathan Friedman October 18, 2011 at 04:34 AM
Check out the videos Mikke has added!
Rick Metzler October 13, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I can't believe it's been a year already. Today's the day to come have a great time on Morning View THE PIT MALIBU goes on at 2pm


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