Tricia Leigh Fisher of 'Beverly Hills Nannies' Gets Her Gidget On in Malibu

ABC Family's newest reality show will visit Fisher's Malibu pad she shares with mom Connie Stevens and sister Joely Fisher.

We've seen "Beverly Hills 90210" in two incarnations, "Beverly Hills Cop" (now being readied for a new installment) and more recently, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Now here comes "Beverly Hills Nannies" which will feature five highly attractive "nannies" taking care of five different Beverly Hills based families. Mary Poppins Meets Rodeo Drive.  

When actress/singer Tricia Leigh Fisher's husband Byron Thames told her he had been approached in an elevator at work by the show's producer Tricia said she thought he was joking.

"But then (he) told me more about and I said sure, why not? Let's go in for the audition," Fisher said with the blessing of her husband Byron, who is a professional musician/arranger, and sons Hudson, 18, Holden, 9, and Wylder, 3. All they had to do was be willing to get a nanny.

One week later, Tricia (the daughter of actress Connie Stevens and singer Eddie Fisher, sister to actress Joely Fisher and half sister to Carrie Fisher) and her family were chosen as one of the families for the new show, which debuts July 11 on the ABC Family channel.

"I have to say, growing up in a show business family, I am used to being on sets and becoming friendly with the crew members on a shoot. What I wasn't used to is having them in my house when I am blow drying my hair! I have to get my own hair and makeup done for this show, so most of the time, you just see me as I am every day with my boys. There's not much time for prepping. It's strange at first then it starts to feel normal" Fisher said.  

Some of the action will take place at Fisher's Malibu beach pad, which has been in their family for years.

"Joely and I grew up in Beverly Hills but we always loved Malibu so much. The beach was our constant getaway and my boys love surfing the waves. I always loved Gidget and could relate to her love of the beach. Malibu is so beautiful and restful. I love spending time here," Fisher said.

Sister Joely and Mom Connie Stevens will appear on some of the episodes of the show. Connie starred in two TV series "Hawaiian Eye" and "Surfside Six" that both took place on the beach.  

When asked about her new nanny, Tricia remarks, "Lucy is very sweet. I would definitely have hired her without the show. Holden and Wylder like her very much. We're portrayed more as the cool music family on the show, we have jam sessions with the boys and Byron and I sing together a lot. We both have toured with my mom for years. It's a show biz family."  

Tricia went to Beverly Hills High School and was active in the drama department there.

"I love the fact in Beverly Hills and Malibu I see people I have been friends with since childhood. We share such memories and crazy stories together. I love that my mom lives nearby. I can still go to my old bedroom and hang out by the pool or on the beach, where I threw crazy parties when she was out of town," Tricia said.

Kathy Clark June 30, 2012 at 11:50 PM
Only family excited to see is Cindy Margolis and her family!I’ve admired her for years. She’s a down-to-earth, fun, caring woman with a heart of gold. She balanced her sex symbol status with modesty and grace, and never let her fame go to her head. Her family, her three children, were always her priority.


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