Two Words That Belong Together

There might not be any other two words that, when strung together, feel any better than these two....

"Have fun".....
there is something so freeing about hearing those words.  I remember as a kid hearing my parents tell me to "do my best" or, to "hustle".  I was reminded to do my chores, or I was told that I should be doing (this), or doing (that).....there was a sense of responsibility, expectation, or a sense of guilt, or that I should be doing something other than what I wanted to be doing, or what I was thinking about doing.

But, when your dad says "have fun!", that, is the permission of a lifetime, the (golden) ticket.  All the burden of pressure and guilt melt away....you have only one mission...and that is..... to "have fun".  It's not time to work, or to study, it's the time (designated as such) to laser beam your focus on....Fun.  Don't even think about thinking of anything else...not your homework, chores, bills to pay, "thank you" cards to write...

When I wanted to have fun it was often not when others wanted me to have it....I did it undercover...I did it when no one was looking. 

I have never really thought consciously about how those words translate....you are "off the clock", you are almost instructed to just look for fun...."have" it...it is yours for the taking.  You are playing with "House Money".  It's pursuit requires your full and only attention.  Other send offs like "be safe" or "have a nice day" have their place but those come with some burden or hidden expectation.  "Being Safe" implies that there are things to be wary of...so "beware!", of unsafe things!  How can anyone truly have fun if they are bewar(ing)?  Even "Have a Nice day" is ambiguous...does he mean "Have a nice (productive) day"?, one where I lived up to expectations and responsibilities, one where I spared blood, sweat, and tears?  How about when someone tells you, "Good Luck!"?  That is a little un-nervy, isn't it?.....now your fate is decided by luck?, and you are just being well wished that it is "good" luck.  How helpless can one feel?

There is no baggage with "Have Fun".  "Fun" has no instruction manual or objective calculus.

Maybe it is something we should say more, to everyone...just hearing those words can transport you, if only for a moment, to the green pastures in your mind, to childhood, maybe.  Having fun may not be the most important legacy in your life...but what is a life, without a lot of it?

You have my permission....

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