Nicko: A Torch for Kindness

I see YOU!
I see YOU!
"If you build it, they will come", well, Khalil and Haley built it, and people have been coming ever since....nonstop.  You would almost think SunLife Organics was giving out free gold bars.  Actually what they "give out" may just be more valuable than those gold bars.  Yes, they make fabulous, organic, creative, healthy, invigorating smoothies, juices, and numerous other concoctions to soothe and nourish the human spirit, but that isn't the most valuable commodity they share. 

To visit SunLife is to be engulfed (yes, I said "engulfed") by a culture of warmth and caring, and service.  To a man, everyone who works at SunLife is remarkably accessible.  They look you in the eye....they smile, they say "hello" as you come in and "have a good day" as you go out...and inside you know it's sincere.  They know your name....before long you may just see them as extended family.  I don't know how SunLife finds all of these responsible, cheerful, caring young adults but they just do...it is almost impossible to single one out for distinction because the culture at SunLife demands that everyone has the "credentials", but today I am singling out one. 
If you go to SunLife more than a couple times you will almost certainly come across Nicko....this guy is so full of smiles and joy that it is impossible to not feel better when you leave then when you walked in.  I have sometimes wondered if Nicko is a real person.  There is a hint of Mr. Rogers in his gene pool. He has the talent of making everyone feel like he is your best friend...He communicates as much through gestures and expressions as he does through words, though he has plenty of those as well.  I think that if I came down with a life threatening disease I would have my doctor prescribe high doses of Nicko. He makes you realize that there is just no excuse to not be kind.  Bravo to Nicko!!!  The guy has Life, (and SunLife) spinning on his fingertips. 

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malibunancy February 28, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Nico Rocks! He is the number one reason I keep returning to SunLife for Brazilian bowls! He makes me feel welcome from the moment I enter the door! Thanks for the kind words and huge smile!
Bob Perkins DDS February 28, 2014 at 10:30 AM
yes, MalibuNancy....they have built something there that I have never seen before....it's a business model that should be copied. It should be celebrated....isn't that what it's all about anyways? Leave people in a better place after having been in your company....leave them feeling a little taller, a little more appreciated, a little more joyous..... I hear so much damaging and filthy gossip in this town that is aimed at bringing others down and then you see a business and a culture like what you have at SunLife....it restores my faith in humanity. SunLife is to Malibu what Central Park is to NYC....
terrell c woods February 28, 2014 at 05:04 PM
Ditto everything said above. Khalil, personally always asks is everything fine. One time near closing I had a special drink made and he had them redo it because it was not up to his standards. That was at closing time! The staff is always personable and friendly to everyone. Now we just have to check out his yoga classes upstairs!
Nick March 01, 2014 at 05:33 AM
That's my boy! Proud of you son! Nicholas Sr.


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