Chamber of Commerce President Resigns

Mark Persson, director of membership services, has replaced Rebekah Evans as the Malibu Chamber of Commerce's interim head.

After nearly six years at the helm, Rebekah Evans last week on Friday resigned as president/CEO of the . The chamber announced she had left in a press release (which is attached) that was issued this week. The release does not specify any details of how or why Evans left, but a source familiar with the situation told Malibu Patch she had resigned.

Evans could not immediately be reached for comment.

Mark Persson, director of membership services, has been named "interim chamber executive," according to the release.

Evans was hired to lead the chamber in June 2006 with the tile executive director. She had previously worked as the CEO/president of the . 

Mark Laubacker February 27, 2012 at 09:25 PM
I was truly looking forward to joining the Malibu Chamber, Rebekah impressed me with her enthusiasm and dedication to helping small businesses and nonprofits. The Malibu Chamber lost a great talent, shame on the Board for this.
Sarah Fuller February 28, 2012 at 12:15 AM
This is horrible... I made some calls and found out that the Executive Board (on their web page as Don Schmitz, Rodger Gronwald, Christine Hamerline, Rhiannon Ballard, Sam Sahrai and Stu McNelis) did this without even telling the other board members. Rodger Gronwald and Heidi Bernard were very happy to drop the hatchet. It seems Rebekah had complained about being disrespected and yelled at by Don Schmitz during his first five weeks he was Chairman of the Board. She wasn't happy with the radical direction Don was pushing the chamber to take. It seems he has some delusions of grandeur and doesn't like women questioning him. The combination of all the big businesses on the Executive Board (Developer, HRL, Koss Financial, GNI Management, Pepperdine) decided they wanted a more political agenda so they can become some type of power brokers in Malibu. Don was pissed because he wasn't comentator at the recent debate. Something Rebekah Evans opposed doing. Out she went without a word to the general board. One board member called Don and asked why she had not been consulted. Acording to the board member Don told her it was none of her business, the executive board had spoken. Can you say egomaniac? And what's up with Pepperdine? Two people involved and they throw out a beloved employee. Great christian school example. Locals, it's time to dump the Malibu Chamber. It's just a bunch of big guys who all want to get their way. I'm afraid the old Malibu we use to have is slipping away.
Susan Tellem February 28, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Sarah - that's pretty much the story I heard. Can you shoot me an email? I have an idea to discuss with you. susan@tellemgrodypr.com
Ryan James February 29, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Seems strange that whomever is in charge would not say thank you. I guess it shows the level of professionalism of the new Chairman of the Board, if he can't even say thank you, no matter how the split happened. Sounds to me like the Malibu Chamber needs an injection of real local business leaders. I've seen Rebekah Evans at many local events and I think they have made a big mistake. I'm sure both the chamber and Mrs. Evans will survive, but Malibu may be the big loser. Does anyone know how to contact her?
Susan Tellem February 29, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Ryan - I know how we can reach Rebekah. I think we as small businesses should have a plan to take back the chamber.


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