Erewhon Natural Foods Eyes 2013 Opening at Trancas Country Market

The Los Angeles-based store, which is independently owned, plans to offer organic meat and locally grown produce, as well as a juice bar, a beer and wine tasting area and other high-end foods.

Erewhon Natural Foods president Tony Antoci confirmed Thursday he hopes to open a store at Trancas Country Market to meet the needs of Western Malibu residents by the summer of 2013.

"I think it is underserved. All the west side [of Malibu] has is Pavilions. I don’t think they do a good job at natural organic. We feel there is a need out there," said Antoci, who is currently closing escrow on a home in Western Malibu.

A hearing before the Malibu Planning Commission on a request for a conditional use permit for the store is set for Monday, Oct. 1 at .

The proposed market will be located in the area of , which .

The shopping center is currently undergoing an overhaul, but the current tenants will likely be part of the renovated center, which will have a rustic feel, according to Tony Dorn, the shopping center's commercial broker.

"We’re going to have a lot of independent businesses and local entrepreneurs," Dorn said.

He added that Starbucks will be expanding its space.

"The intention is to work things out with everyone so they have a nice new store," Dorn said.

Erewhon, which has roots are in the Macrobiotic movement of the 1960s, is named after a Utopian novel written by Samuel Butler in the 1800s about a place where people are responsible for their own health.

This will be the second store for Erewhon, which is eyeing other locations in the L.A. area, including Santa Monica.

According to Antoci, the new store would offer natural, grass-fed beef, organic chicken, lamb and seafood, as well as produce grown within 100 miles of Los Angeles.

"The actual protein is going to be natural," Antoci said. "... Anything we do is top of the line health wise."

The store also plans to offer a deli, a beer and wine tasting area and full liquor, as well as its Tonic Bar, which features juices, superfoods, tonics and smoothies made with organic ingredients and supplements.

Learn more about Erewhon on its website at erewhonmarket.com

Jody Kern October 16, 2012 at 02:55 AM
I'm sure Erewhon is a great market but I hear it is the most expensive market in LA. I guess that fits well with the new Malibu, though :>/ Really do like Sunlife's products but feel like I've been pick pocketed the few times I've been there. So it's a special treat one in awhile. Was pretty nice having an inexpensive grocery store close to home. Have a feeling I'm going to walk in there, see the prices, and just get pissed lol...but who knows.
Jody Kern October 16, 2012 at 02:57 AM
^ Meaning a store close to County Line.
Scott K November 02, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Broad Beach here, all for Erewhon! Hope the new Erewhon store is not as dumpy looking as its city location.
Nancy Greene April 08, 2013 at 12:24 AM
Hey lets be thankful that we won't have to go into the mahem on the "other side" to buy an item; food, gift, house hold wants or needs. I think the local family who spent millions of dollars to improve 18 acres is looking out for the community to a degree. We should be positive and thankful. we should hope for the best! It has been a long time coming; it could be a lot worse! Thanks be to God! AMEN.
Birdie Breeze July 04, 2013 at 07:50 PM
I get a good discount every time I shop at Erewhon by showing them my KCRW membership card. I'm thrilled they will be in Trancas. I am a careful alert shopper and I shop for different things from Erewhon, TJ's, and the local farmers markets. I rarely, if ever, go to "whole paycheck". For kombucha tea, I go to pavilions - can't beat the price there for that.


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