John Hildebrand Leaves Sicky Dicky, Launches Hildee Productions

Hidebrand said his new company will be more focused on living a healthy lifestyle and putting on larger and more exclusive events with a charity component.

Malibu's John Hildebrand recently launched Hildee Productions as part of a move to grow his business to the next level, leaving behind Sicky Dicky Productions, a party and events planning company.

"Sometimes Sicky Dicky can only go so far because of the name. Some companies don’t quite understand it," Hildebrand said of part of the reason for the change. "... It was a younger thing for me. I didn’t treat it as a business. It was more fun and games."

Health-focused lifestyle

Hildebrand said the move to go out on his own comes as he transitions the start of a new chapter in his life that is more focused on living a healthy lifestyle and putting on larger and more exclusive events with a charity component. 

"My whole life has changed in the last eight months. I’m trying to live a cleaner lifestyle," Hildebrand said, adding that he is looking for ways to still have fun.

"I hope it opens up doors for a lot of other people," he said.

Hildebrand, who is the sole owner of Hildee Productions, has brought on his "right-hand" woman Sam Neider, who is Brand Strategy Director for Hildee Productions, and friends like Cisco Adler and his PR Firm The Smith Group PR.

According to a news release, "Hildebrand’s new business venture with Adler, Hildee Productions, is a one-stop shop for clients and brands who are looking for full-service brand and product development and distribution, as well as full-circle marketing implementation."

Hildee Productions has already taken on a client in Hildebrand's brother, Madison Hildebrand of Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing. Hildee Productions will be launching the Bravo star's new line of products through his brand The Malibu Life by Madison Hildebrand

Hildebrand most recently prodcued an exclusive performance by multi-Grammy winning singer/songwriter, SEAL. He is marketing his events as catering "to the group of VIPs who consistently decline the b&t night parties for high expectations of supreme originality, exclusivity, and paparazzi-protection," the news release states.

Sicky Dicky

Hildebrand co-owned Sicky Dicky Productions, a live-music promoter, with Malibu Councilman Skylar Peak since 2006. The nickname “Sicky” grew out of Hildebrand's reputation for throwing the sickest parties in the L.A. area. 

Hildebrand recently handed over the reins and 100 percent of the business to Peak.

Hildebrand said he remains very close with Peak, who began to do less with the company when he decided to run for Malibu City Council over a year ago. Peak has come under fire recently for a sheriff's department investigation into his alleged behavior at a Malibu shopping center.

Hildebrand said the recent events do not have anything to do with his decision to go off on his own.

"It’s been really hard for me. I’ve been best friends with Skylar for over 10 years, 11 years now," Hildebrand said. "... Skylar still remains a close friend of mine. My biggest concern is he puts a lot on his plate."

Hildebrand said he began to form the idea of starting his own venture about a year ago.

"It made me want to take it to the next level," Hildebrand said. "I was kind of looking for a new change."


Hildebrand said he is also looking to go beyond producing great events and launching products.

"I want to focus a lot more on charity work," Hildebrand said.

Just this month, Hildebrand worked as a producing partner in the sixth annual Malibu Invitational, which raised a record $47,000 in charitable donations, including a $17,000 check for THERAsurf presented by the Vons Corporation. THERAsurf is a foundation owned and operated by Kim and Jimmy Gamboa, whose son suffers from Angelman Syndrome.

Learn more about John Hildebrand at johnhildebrand.com.

John Mazza September 21, 2012 at 02:44 AM
The best of luck to a good guy !!!
J. Flo September 21, 2012 at 06:28 AM
"My whole life has changed in the last eight months. I’m trying to live a cleaner lifestyle," Hildebrand" That is great life goal, John! Good for you -
Lisa Sockolov September 21, 2012 at 07:10 AM
You can do it, John! You are an entrepreneur and a people person who can do anything you want to do. Glad to hear you are going in a good direction!


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