Plans for Millennium Project Released, Public Comment Period Open

The deadline to submit comments to the city on the plan proposing two high-rise buildings in Hollywood is Dec. 10.

The Millennium Project, which includes plans to develop two sites adjacent to the Capitol Records building, officially began the public review process this week.

Today marks the beginning of the public comment period for the draft environmental impact report (DEIR). [See the full report here.]

The developers, Millenium Partners and Argent Ventures, are proposing a project that aims to transform 4.47 acres of parking lots into 1 million square feet of residential, hotel, office, restaurant and retail space as well as a sports club. 

The proposed plan is still being called a "conceptual plan" with a maximum building height of 585 feet for the east and west Vine Street towers.

The DEIR found that the project will have short-term impacts during construction on air quality and noise.

The long-term impact of the project came in the area of traffic. The traffic study indicates five intersections will be significantly impacted.

Proposed mitigation measures include widening intersections for additional turn lanes, donating money to the city to upgrade traffic signals and establishing a "traffic signalization program." With these measures, the unmitigated impacts would be reduced to two intersections, according to the report.

The buildings' designers, Gary Handel Architects and Roschen Van Cleve Architects, will collaborate with James Corner Field Operations, the landscape architects responsible for The High Line in New York City. 

Expect public hearings on the project to begin in early 2013. The deadline to submit comments on the DEIR is Dec. 10 no later than 4 p.m.

“We have worked hard over the last several years to design a project that is a new Hollywood icon for the 21st century,” Philip E. Aarons, founding partner of Millennium Partners, said in a press statement.  “And I believe that the DEIR shows how our project is not just fitting for the community but will fit into its vision for its future.”

"We have spent the last several years discussing our plans with the Hollywood community,” Aarons said, “and we look forward to continuing those conversations over the months ahead.”

According to a news release, the project has the support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Capitol Records.

A website for the project was unveiled this week at: www.milleniumproject.net.


  •  Millennium Hollywood Project Begins Review Process

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Holly December 03, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Well said, Shaune, and I am in total agreement. As a longtime resident of Hollywood, I have enjoyed its uniqueness for many years. People come to Hollywood to experience a unique place; they can go to any city in the world to see glass and steel skyscrapers an high rises. The views, historic buildings and one-of-a kind shops in Hollywood are what draw people here--not skyscrapers, chain stores and restaurants that can be found anywhere. The need for "density" is a lie perpetuated so our city council and elected offcials can reap monetary rewards from the mega developers who line their pockets. That's just a fact. The more density they build into a concentrated area, the more federal funds they get for transportation, so they intentionally build density. There's no big rush of people flocking to Hollywood to live. The additional air pollution alone that will be created by this Millenium project is foul. They have no plan to deal with that, and it is considered "mitigated". That means that they feel the good outweighs the bad. So, they consider it good to increase traffic to the point of a nightmare, with no regard to the quality of life for those that live here. This plan would ruin the charm that this part of Hollywood has going for it, with the iconic Capitol Records building as it's center. The surrounding area is mostly low slung buildings and little shops that gives a neighborhood feel to the place around Yucca Ave. It IS sad.
Holly December 03, 2012 at 09:36 PM
I've "met" with these Millenium people before, and they are not receptive to ANY input from local residents. They have a hardline answer for every suggestion or comment one might have, and are VERY dismissive. Not worth the effort here. BUT I hope everyone is writing their comment letter to the Los Angeles Department of City Planning before Dec 10th, to get our last comments in on this project.
Holly December 03, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Comments for Millenium project will be accepted until December 10th, so please send your letter asap. The more letters, the better. Here's where you send it: Srimal Hewawitharana, Environmental Specialist II Los Angeles Department of City Planning 200 S. Spring St., Rm 750 Los Angeles, CA 90012
ruth December 03, 2012 at 09:47 PM
E-mail srimal.hewawitharana@lacity.org at City Planning..requesting the extension.. Try to attend HUNC/PLUM Meeting Thursday, Dec. 6th Seventh Day Adventists Church @ Hollywood Blvd. & Van Ness.. The meeting will be about this very subject. Visit Hollywood United Neighborhood Council website for more info..Agenda. etc. Hollywood Hills West NC and PLUM Committee rejected Millennium project for many reasons, their bogus, unacceptable Traffic Study being one of them. Plans are afoot by communities to have an Independent DEIR Traffic Study done.. Millennium would love to rush this through before Christmas.... An extension is desperately needed.
Holly December 03, 2012 at 10:13 PM
You must be living in some non-reality to make these comments. If you think the affluent people who are the only ones that will be able to afford those condos, will take public transporation, you're out of your mind! They'll be driving their new BMW's all around. Traffic will increase tremendously due to this project. Quality of life in the immediate area will be severly reduced. Air pollution will increase. Noise will increase. The historical nature of the area will be ruined with ugly glass and steel skyscrapers and high rises. Expensive condos will sit there empty, as in others that have been built in the area. WHY on earth would we want our Hollywood to "catch up" to NYC? Obviously you're not a long time resident of Hollywood, nor do you care about Somehow I'm thinking you must be connected with the paid-off city to make this kind of comment.


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