Point Pizza Malibu Prepares to Close

Hye Song Oh, the owner of Point Pizza Malibu, has been left with no choice but to close her business of 25 years at the end of the month, according to her family.

With just weeks left until Point Dume Pizza's owner Hye Song Oh plans to close her business of 25 years, community members have ratcheted up their efforts to have a sit-down meeting with her landlord.

"He won’t even talk to us, much less meet with us," said Kim McGee, a Malibu resident and one of several protesters who marched into the management office of Point Dume Village owner Zan Marquis and requested a meeting on Nov. 10.

"We really want to understand what his agenda is here," McGee said. "Why is he unresponsive to his neighbors?"

Andy Borenzweig, a USC student who grew up in Malibu and started the Save Point Pizza Facebook Page, said he also requested a sit-down meeting with Marquis.

"I emailed him. It was a very respectful and nice email. He didn’t respond, which was kind of expected. I wanted to sit down and have a more intimate way to elaborate our stance on why we wanted Point Pizza to stay," Borenzweig said.

Hye Song Oh has said previously she wants to stay at the location. Marquis has said he wanted to bring in a new local operator, D'Amore's, as part of an effort to bring healthier options to the center.

The Point Pizza ownership has said they offered healthier options over the years and agreed to a rent increase. Now that Oh is getting older, she does not have the ability to open a new location, according to Charles Lee, Oh's son-in-law.

Lee, who speaks on behalf of his mother-in-law at her request, said they have not tried to meet with Marquis.

"We do not think anything would result from a meeting with Zan. Point Pizza will be closing on Dec. 31," Lee said. "Mr. D'Amore agreed to take the space 'as is' so Hye Song can run the store through the 31st."

He said is not sure what Oh plans to do after the closing other than spend some time with family and look for a new job.

"I am not sure what she can do with her skill set. Maybe working a cash register in a restaurant or retail," Lee said.

Both Borenzweig, McGee and others have been working on a last-ditch effort to allow Point Pizza to remain open.

"I think that the protests are still a good method, but they are being exhausted and they have their limitations," Borenzweig said.

Borenzweig, who is a graduate of Malibu High School, said he got involved because of his love for Point Pizza, and that he is hopeful that perhaps people in Malibu will consider donating funds to help Oh.

Marquis did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Dru Ann Jacobson December 06, 2012 at 05:32 PM
The closing of Point Pizza, despite our efforts of protest and to speak to Zan, shows the very SAD state of affairs of our once small, close-knit town! Malibuites...open your eyes, is this what you want our home to become? Uncaring landlords, no emotion, only money!!! Please, lets all support Hye Song Oh, as much as possible, in these next few weeks...those of us who care, let's show her the love we have for the whole Point Pizza family!!! You all will be so missed! With love, The Jacobson's
R Y A N December 06, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Running a shopping center is a strategic endeavor that can backfire. When the center's owner makes a bad decision and has no one to answer to, there are limited options beyond boycott. If Hye Song Oh is is forced out, the center's owner has assured himself that the center will meet a potentially insurmountable mountain when seeking discretionary approvals in the future due to public outrage, guranteeed appeals, and a parking nightmare reputation. And all new and existing tenants will have to incorporate the same disastrous scenario into their business' economic survivability if they choose to lease or renew leases while he controls that center. New municipal controls will otherwise seal his fate, and the passage of new municipal code regulations for all centers may result if he doesn't do the right thing. Those are long-term consequences, which might not save Oh's business unless the center's owner bones-up on Econ 101. The concept of differing Municipal regulations for Western Malibu retail centers versus the Civic Center will provide the opportunity to specifically address his attempts to exclude residents from the Malibu Way of Life. It is far from over, and the bigger picture is about to be released at City Hall December 13th at 6 pm. Tickets are free and there will be a drawing. Everyone, including celebrities, will be there to preserve Malibu.
George Paige December 06, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Every civic minded person in Malibu is fully aware of the duplicitous business manner of Zan Marquis and his incompetent and belligerent center manager. Our Pt Dume neighborhood can not trust him any longer to serve us. He must go. We'll leave his fate (which he has self-determined) to the hands of the marketplace and to City Hall.
Hans Laetz December 06, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Exactly right! The city has already heard from neighbors who are sick of Zan Marquis being a bad neighbor ... like ordering tenants to park their cars in front of their homes. If Zan wants to exercise his right to kick this woman out, then we residents have a right to en end to the flagrant and obnoxious behavior by this landowner and his tenants. Enforce parking rules. Ban employee parking on nearby streets. No CUPs, TUPs, etc. crack down on that stinky sewage plant at the west side of his lot, which is a public nuisance to neighbors. Enforce the sign code. Zan Marquis is buying "bad will" by the truckload.
Ed December 06, 2012 at 10:05 PM
LOL, I can't imagine why he won't sit down with you guys. Or why you would [Really] want to sit down with him. You gotta love political posturing. Boring at the national level and intollerable at the local level.
J. Flo December 06, 2012 at 10:53 PM
George - what is that you think City Hall can do? He has refused to speak to Hye Song or one resident including 18 year old Andy, who started Save Point Pizza, who has respectfully reached out to him. What does it say when a local commercial landlord has zero concern or one modicum of respect for local customers? Kicked out over Christmas - given NOTHING for her 24 years of hard work and invaluable customer base. Her business is not being purchased, it's being taken. Happy Holidays - Ebenezer Scrooge? Malibu is losing its heart, once again. I'm so sorry Hye Song. We're still trying . . .
Kim McGee December 06, 2012 at 11:28 PM
The closing of Pt Pizza is sad and tragic on many levels; the loss to our community of yet another beloved long-standing local business, the incomprehensible and perplexing unwillingness of a landlord (who claims he wants to "serve his community's needs") to meet with or even listen to people from the community, etc. But the real tragedy here is what is being done to a fellow human being. Hye Song has agreed to every single demand the landlord has made on her including increased rent, changing her menu, etc. Yet still she is being forced out of her 24-year-old business and left with nothing. And for what? What benefit is it to a retail landlord to force the close of a successful and popular business? What does he gain? Not to mention the fact that another local business is willingly participating in this callous and heartless situation. (Watch out D'Amore's - your true colors are showing. Do you always kick a person when they're down, or do you only do it when there's something in it for you?). Is this what our community has come to? Are we willing to stand idly by and watch someone be treated this way? Hye Song has fed our families, employed our kids, and supported our schools and community for all these years - she is now being unjustly wronged. That is the real tragedy here.
Kim McGee December 06, 2012 at 11:31 PM
We currently have thousands of signatures from local people who strongly object to the bullying tactics of Zan Marquis and D'Amore's, and who refuse to support another restaurant moving into Pt. Pizza's location. What is being done to Hye Song is so clearly wrong - how loudly do we have to scream before we are heard?
Ken Griffen December 07, 2012 at 12:04 AM
I personally feel bad for Point Pizza however the landlord owns the shopping center and is within his rights to not meet with the protesters and rent to whom he decides.
From afar December 07, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Zan, Merry Christmas, I hope Jacob Marley pays you a visit!
Benny December 07, 2012 at 01:39 AM
I hope an attorney will volunteer their services to see if Hye Song has a case against the landlord. Whey wasn't Point Pizza invited to the "taste test" which the landlord claims decided who the tenant would be? How can a landlord choose a tenant based upon taste unlike objective criteria as payment history, financial reserves, credit, etc? A good case could buy Point Pizza some time or perhaps a legal victory including damages.


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