Strass Crystal Chandalier by Swarovski will trade for a Polaris Razor

I have up for sale or trade a beautiful vintage Strass Crystal chandalier, by Swarovski.  (Pictures do not do this chandalier  justice!!!!!) (I do not have a large enough home to hang this chandalier, therefore I must sell it.)
I am asking $8000 for this chandalier, which is easily worth $20,000!
If you have a 2010 or newer Polaris Razor, in good working condition, I will trade the chandalier for the Razor.
A huge 19 light chandalier for a grand foyer/ entryway.  The brass frame was made in Spain. (There is a metal tag on the chandalier that states this.)
Shiny Brass Frame Dimensions:  30 inches in diameter by 22 inches in height.
In addition to the ornate shiny brass frame, there are 7 descending hoops where the additional 39 (50 mm.) round crystals can be hung.  The hoop sizes range from the largest being 28" to the smallest hoop being 4 1/2" in diameter.
There are a total of 111 (50 mm.) round Strass full lead crystals by Swarovski.  In addition to that there is one (70 mm) round Strass full lead crystal also by Swarovski. (Totaling 112 crystals.)
What I have shown in the pictures are *72 (50 mm.) round crystals hanging on the chandalier. 
*NOTE:  There are 39 (50mm.) Strass crystals that I did not hang on the frame that are in their original boxes.  
When the chandalier is delivered all the crystals will be clean and in the original boxes that they came in.
The chandalier is located in Anza, CA.
If interested in buying this gorgeous chandalier, it is best to
call Randall at (951)296-4322 or Judith at (760)277-2262.
Please no e-mails.
I am a seller on E-bay, so go on E-bay and look up my seller name ranrules3, so that you know that I am a reputable seller.
Thank you for your consideration!


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