Dead Whale Towed to Sea

A local business owner and a group of residents chip in to pay to tow a whale that washed onto a private beach earlier this week.

The rotting carcass of a 41-foot fin whale is floating somewhere 20 miles off the Malibu coast Sunday, after a Malibu businessman and homeowners passed the hat to pay to tow it to sea.

The whale had been killed by a ship, and had created a bureaucratic stink in the seaside community when government agencies disagreed on whose jurisdiction the carcass was fouling.

County Fire Department officials were planning to tow it out to sea Saturday night, when the highest tides of the week were expected to allow the remains to float over the rocky reef that had snagged it last weekend.

But a private tow vessel was hired to do the dirty job. Lifeguards said its fee was primarily paid by Bob Morris, a Malibu resident who owns the restaurant at nearby Paradise Cove.

Homeowners living near the reeking mess mentioned in the comments section of an earlier Patch story stating that residents also chipped in.

"The community from Paradise Cove all the way to Big Dume collectively pitched in to have a professional and respectful boat crew with the proper authorization conduct the removal of the week old dead Fin whale," wrote homeowner James Respondek. "At last he will be where he is from, far out at sea R.I.P. Thank you to the community. Way to come together and get the job done right."

Earlier in the week, the city of Malibu, L.A. County lifeguards, and California State Parks politely pointed fingers at each other as residents clamored for the corpse to be removed.

The city does not own or regulate one inch of the 22 miles of beaches in Malibu, a spokeswoman said. The adjacent dry beach is owned by homeowners, and sand below the normal high tide line is public beach. The whale was located below the high tide line.

But state parks officials said their nearest property was one cove over, and they don't have a boat large enough to drag the rotting mess seaward.

By late last week, local Chumash Indians had reportedly performed a beachside ceremony for the animal's spirit, and government officials said it looked like time and the tides would dispose of the deteriorating mess.

jamie p December 10, 2012 at 07:35 PM
But what does it say about the use of archery?? I find it kinda off that us humans took its life then said get this stinky mess off my beach. In the colder months big dume mussels are(were) the bomb! .. and where does larg portion of japan receives uni? Malibu needs to get more back to its roots. I was fortunate to have the horses chickens ducks goats pigs..in Malibu.I understand that there is a need for the newcomers to wish for shopping centers bigger better... But like the ol dume room , were loosing much of our roots and identity...
Hans Laetz December 10, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Of course I have heard of a bow and arrow. I have also heard of bear-baiting, using hounds to corner foxes, and hunter-gatherers paddling out to spear passing whales for big feeds. I was just not aware that such hunter gatherers still exist in Malibu. But attention Great White Hunters: it is not legal to discharge a firearm within one-half mile of any public highway, road, street, way, park, or premises within the Malibu City Limits. That's the entire city. And I can just picture the scene if somebody in Malibu shoots a buck with a bow and straps it on his SUV. Man, you thought the whale raised a stink.
jamie p December 10, 2012 at 08:25 PM
You're lil late to the party.....but reason is we are good stewards.
Ben Dover December 10, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Hans- Great White Hunters have pick-up trucks....not SUV's..........
hellwood December 10, 2012 at 09:06 PM
including local shore fishermen and kayakers in the ban is going WAY too far....oh well, we still have the "right" to remain silent. agenda 21 and codex alimentarius thriving in malibu. thanks jamie. at least im not the only one blown away by this freedom and lifestyle crippling BS. as far as fishing not being a right. who came up that rule? the same people who are rewriting our constitution?
J. Flo December 10, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Hans, unfortunately, I've been told that bow hunting is legal in the Santa Monica Mountains. I HOPE by now it's been stopped, but not sure. It leaves wounded animals to go off to die in misery. Also dangerous to hikers. IMO - crazy!
Ben Dover December 10, 2012 at 10:06 PM
J.Flo- If your a vegetarian I apologize for our difference in beliefs. If your another one of those hypocritical meat or fish eaters who has never hunted, killed, cleaned, and cooked your own food, go F yourself.
Ben Dover December 10, 2012 at 10:15 PM
J.Flo-And when I say go F yourself, maybe it meant go Feed yourself food that was raised, and fattened in captivity, never to have roamed the hills, or swam in the ocean, or flown thru the air. Our maybe it meant what first came to your tiny mind.
jamie p December 10, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Where did you read that... The internet? dangerous to hikers.. you think I'm eatting hikers that were actually dressed as deer? ..Oh ya because everything in there is the truth right ... And I'm a French model! Ha! Seriously how many of you have had that horrible experience personally happen? How many of you have ever seen us?? How many cars kill deer... Does? Believe everything you hear and not witness for yourself... And you become blind.. or an mlpa supporter? I know many people who supported things like the mlpa and there were fascinated by my stories actually living with nature. Some actually watched the under the water videos and saw a gopro st sittinn the bottom showing .huge numbers of fish counts.. ones that ever supposedly never existed! Stop living in fear , get out there for the exprience, find out on your own.. go live and not be someones tool in life.
jamie p December 10, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Choices are individual and each to their own . Wanna screw like some fearful, oppressed, obese , lazy caged animal... Or f' like buck!!
hellwood December 10, 2012 at 10:44 PM
it really does change ones perspective to look a large and beautiful creature in the eye, and club the hell out of it for dinner.
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Even if it had happened before it shows the rarity. It can't say what happened to that one before, but I'm sure just like this one it smelled too..maybe people were a bit tougher back then, understood that this is what happens and the benifits that go along for both humans and animals to enjoy? Positive side. As everyone knew the smell deteriorated quickly concidering the changes from Monday to Friday. The whole money solves everything to bend rules or whats they believe is natural I find a joke. Maybe we were ment to suffer a bit for taking its life.. who knows? This can go further than I'm willing to go discussing hunting ethics is like abortion or gay rights. Unfortunately some of us are meat eaters.. and unfortunately that involves taking a life. If your going to do that than pay well respects to the animals and prepare them well! When was the last time any of you talked about that steak or fish other than gee sure was yummy! I pass along stories. Respect. I'm not some wasteful seal clubber and I enforce poachers outta dume regularly. Teach kids a real tradition .. not something disconnecting with our planet. One thing to think about is that most hunters are the best environmentalist.
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Obviously being in the field makes us qualified. A lot of others who fight are only either book smart or just fallowing others like puppets. That's why my advice is to get your hands dirty. Ask questions.. put on a mask n stick your head under the watr and don't b afraid. You might just learn something
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 01:52 AM
P.s. I really don't get how all you so called environmentalist don't put up more of a stink(pun) about how a whale was removed from where nature intentionally rested it....
Douglas Fay December 11, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Marine mammals washing ashore were an integral part of the food chain that made the California coastline flourish before the colonizers established their bad habits that continue to this day. The endangered California Condor's fed on marine carcasses. The whale did not pose a health hazard. This reminds me of the tons of sardines that died in the man made King Harbor. Rather than return the sardines to the ocean Heal The Bay recruited volunteers and had them hauled them away for fertilizer. Where were the stewards of the Santa Monica Bay during this fiasco? I agree with Jamie P
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Thank you Douglas. Yesterday I was working and taking short bits out to text. My apologies for poor grammar and bouncing all over the place. I came out of my environment to discuss this matter and its time consuming and difficult.. but most good things are. On the whale.. my belief is clear. Mlpa process was driven by greedy objectives. Actor actress needed something good on their portfolios..land owners needed to get out of fines..business owners wanted better revenue.. and some were just afraid of the ocean... Ya go figure? This process was driven by money, same money that only needed a verbal phone conversation to get the right to remove this whale... Being huge supporters, they got their way.
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 03:26 PM
You and i couldn't could never get those priorities. During the mlpa process hunters hardly raised enough to even have a voice comparatively. One new comer to Malibu had a private mlpa support party and raised in one night more than our entire side had through the process. Late I sat with this person to ask her questins about what they knew and was shocked at how shallow and one sided it was. When I gave a few bits of my knowledge they looked shocked. I don't even think today this person would support the project. And that why everyone needs to just slow down and take their time.. openmided and see everything that's on the plate first. At first Hans says no deer hunting in Malibu.. another guy thinks alll hunters club for their food.. hikers are in danger...slow down. I mean unless you are wearing a deer costume while hiking ? There are bad seeds or should I say inexperienced people everywhere
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 03:29 PM
But look at things completely. I hunt and I wack thru bush.. so do you really think I would be aiming aimlessly ?
jamie p December 11, 2012 at 03:34 PM
To eat I sow, plant and water ... Hike 5,10,15 miles .. freezes my butt off in the ocean mid winter...process and prepare for food that healthier and just plain tastes better! A more visceral experience than take out or walking,out of the grocery store.
Truth Warrior December 11, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Way to Go Jamie ,   Expose the Cheerleaders for Big Government  (aka hypocrites, control freaks,  who think more rules more regulation will solve all  problems)  for what they are : avarice, predatory ,   opportunists who will go to any lengths to justify/ keep their gravy train paychecks ( huge pensions)  going at any costs , including compromising their principles . Over regulating local 'Father & Son' fisherman out of existence is one example of bloated beaurocrat policy over reach .  Let's keep in mind these same over-controlling policies  have been perpetuated generationally thruout the decades from the birth of this nation from one family of hypocrites to the next with  little pause for self reflection. Isnt  this same toxic control freak mentality that  forced  (the naturally living  natives,  living by by natural laws) the "uncontrollable"  Chumash natives off their land and into the Mission System prisons to break their spirit and dissolve their culture . They were the original hunter gathers "Sustainable Livers'" way before it was fashionable,  living harmoniously on this land  for only the past 10-15,000 years  Let's  look at a little local history to further  illustrate my point ....   -Isn't  this the  the same government that "accidently" killed Donald Scott on his 200 acre Malibu Ranch in front of his wife and took his  land while most of  Malibu slept ? http://youtu.be/WJk9tdY-bvs Go to part 2
Leyton Farr December 11, 2012 at 09:21 PM
I've spent countless hours in the water and whacking thru the bush with Jamie. I've never seen someone care so much about leaving NO foot print.. That being said. I think this about $ and it's ability to create and bend rules. When our right to harvest from our back yard was taken away. It was from people who never bothered to get in the water and see what it was they are trying to protect. Malibu has changed. It's run purely by $ now. And I can hardly recognize the place I grew up in. the saddest part is there is little we can do to take it back. To those who gave a shit and did what they could,my hats off to you. To the rest of you,enjoy your strip malls and corporate restraunts. That being said,I'm off to go hunt for dinner. XO
Truth Warrior December 11, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Part 2 TruthWarrior Post -These  are the same policies/ mentality we can expect  from bloated power hungry Bureaucrats, who  decided to "secretly"  exterminate a beautiful herd of the majestic Roosevelt Elk on islands off our coast  .The herds only crime was that they survived and thrived on Santa Rosa Island for the past 100 years .  Killing hundreds of these animals to minimize depredation of the grass on the island and return to original fauna ? Really !? It sounds Sadly, more like   this herd of Elk were victims of policy generated by  lazy minimalist Bureaurocrats desperate to justify their gravy train paycheck and pension , to appear they are doing something useful. They mixed pseudo science  to justify exterminating whole herd instead of manging their population . http://www.nrahuntersrights.org/Article.aspx?id=5323 The list of abusive power,  goes on and on.....  Are you angry yet ? what is it going to take for you to wake up out of your insulated slumber and speak up , take a stand . Go to Part3
Truth Warrior December 11, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Part 3 Truth Warrior- Post Malibu Old Timers will tell you of the Free Days in Malibu the Golden years of California when you could , ride horses on the beach, take your dog,  Fish with your Kids ,   and even drink a beer ,  build a fire, smoke a  cigar if you chose We have become a joke to the world,  "Land of the Free",  yea right ! Europeans and Australians laugh at the excessive  signboards  of  regulation that pollute the views  our  beaches:  NO DOGS , NO FRISBEES,  NO SMOKING, whats next ? I hear they want to require a surfing permit to help offset the costs of cleanup the beach . What have we become ? we get the Government that we deserve if we remain silent . So excuse me if I am not a big fan of an avarice, predatory , opportunistic government that has grown beyond  its constitutional limits  and exploits , fleeces its people  instead of protecting their liberties . Thank God  for the few with courage like Jamie  to stand up to these bureaucratic bullies. More should learn from  his example and stand up to injustice instead of rolling over like lap dogs hoping you'll get your belly rubbed.  Most bullies  you'll find are cowards underneath when you punch them  square on the nose . The  time has come for you mindless Big Government Cheerleaders  to put down your pompons  and contemplate further on allowing your liberties being taken away. Take a stand,  let them know  your not going to take it anymore, Starve the Beast. TruthWarrior
jamie p December 12, 2012 at 03:46 AM
WOW!! im surprised there are a few left here. the channel islands elk was a majestic creature. the truth is pigs destroyed that island.. there was an existing management in place to keep the herds in place.. sustainable. i really want people to get to know their home land and do some research into this. some would rather miss out not see beautiful island elk(RARE) than know they are actually being being managed. ill stop there. thank you truth warrior because its a piece of our history thats been lost forever and i want people to research!!!! next leyton, i said that if you invest the time into something like hunting and gathering, you better respect what you take from the earth and make the finest feast out of it!!! thank you for showing me how to do that.-
jamie p December 12, 2012 at 03:47 AM
more, everyone is duped it seems. i see more transparency every day over matters like this one. malibu restoration project? ... sorry but when i think of restoration i immediately think of a house or car and bringing it back to its original state. But for some that means lowering the chassis, putting on spinners, purple flaked paint job and fuzzy dice... like some kinda purple monster! i grew up playing around that "creek"... looking over the bridge now, it sure as hell aint my perception of "restored". its now just some persons kinda idea of a purple $$ monster. how come we cant just get back to the basics. just repair the issue, water quality. why do we have to always have to be so competitive and greedy? .. and again feel free to question, whos gettinn paid?
jamie p December 12, 2012 at 03:47 AM
finally, 20 million dollars for new mlpa's this year. steal the bay received $ and yet asked/ask for volunteers to do their dirty work to walk the beaches for them and collect the data.. humm? when the whale came ashore, where on this gods earth were the paid protectors? i'll tell ya where, they came in chopped a whale up, took pieces for themselves and then left! ...and then left it up to the supporters or residents to look at the mess they made of the animal, deal with the stink and pay for the removal. and oh ya we end up fighting amongst ourselves. interesting. if i were to think about the happenings, there should have been someone official standing guard over him from the beginning. maybe even should have taped the area off?? or was that out of the budget? btw local brothers and sisters where is all the money going? whats the future of our malibu? its time we wake up...
jamie p December 12, 2012 at 05:52 AM
make this clear.. elk herds were managed and sustainable. pigs were not. so why did the elk have to be terminated? its shocking why.. and while youre researching check out the method for removal. you might really be shocked?
Cece Stein December 12, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Rapa Nui, Easter Island. A clear case example of mismanagement of Natural Resource irresponsibility that devastated a closed system habitat and led surviving residence to cannibalism and starvation.Too many people, too many mouths, not enough wise management. Those resourceful enough saw the writing on the cave wall, packed a canoe and headed to less inhabited islands with plentiful food supplies and less crowded surf ( per a reliable surfer source ).
jamie p December 13, 2012 at 09:19 PM
wtg Cece for posting. less crowded surf and plentiful food... humm, sounds like a place i will be looking forward to in the future!! -shame on HSUS and PETA for turning their heads and our ignorant government. r.i.p. Roosevelt elk and Kaibab mule deer. F' the greedy bastards taking D.S.'s life and pain lingering to family and friends.-we dont have world tuna issues here.. fisherman dont put ketchup on starfish, thats your poop messing up the inner tidal zone! no griding off off dume was ever done for acurate fish counts.. nor responsibility to do this reseach till years after the closure..why? ...because there was nothing wrong to start with! so another FU to the mlpa process! going back to my cave...
Jack N December 13, 2012 at 11:47 PM
Fin whales are among the most abundant whales on earth- their numbers are healthy. We leave sea lions on the beach to rot as do we raod kill- why would it be any different for a whale? When a whale dies it is ropes off like CSI crime scene. We need to allow the public (especially kids) to have it, let them take out pocket knives, dig into the beast and let them learn about nature through thier natural god given curioisty- this is a far better use of a dead whale than letting agenda toting academics "study" it. Enough is enough- humans must be allowed to interact with nature, touch it, feel it, eat it, commune with it and learn from it- no more enviro-apartheaid and special pemrission for the elite to access nature while the rest of us are relegated to the sidelines. JN


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