Final Meeting Set for PCH Safety Study This Week

The public meeting is the last in a series hosted by the City to improve public safety and driver awareness.

Residents are encouraged to share their input on safety issues on Pacific Coast Highway during the final meeting this week for the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) Safety Study.

The meeting will take place Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6 p.m. at Malibu City Hall. It will cover the entire PCH corridor within the City of Malibu, according to Elizabeth Shavelson, the City of Malibu's public works analyst.

The study is seeking to take a comprehensive look at the entire PCH coordior to prioritize improvements, Shavelson said.

In addition to the public meetings, the City has put together an interactive website www.malibu.metroquest.com where the public can share how they use the highway, identify their safety and traffic concerns and suggest improvements.  The public can share their input through Oct. 12.

The PCH Safety Study has been made possible through a Caltrans Transportation Planning Grant of $300,000 with additional funding from the City of Malibu.

Brian Eamer November 06, 2012 at 01:41 AM
OK this is PATHETIC ! NO COMMENTS HERE ON PCH SAFETY!!! PEOPLE ARE DYING!!. HELP IS A LONG WAY AWAY!! : A STUDY is being done BY CAL TRANS. The body count continues as we wait for a study. Now that the City of Malibu sponsored meetings on are over and the PCH Safety Study is going to start soon, it would be nice if a few unknowns were known. 1- When will the Cal Trans study be completed? Draft public review date? Final completed version date? 2- What topics, concerns are going to be studied. Let's have a synopsis provided by CAL TRANS now so that the public has an idea of what is to be studied. I hereby request this of the City of Malibu and CAL TRANS. 3- What issues, comments and concerns on PCH safety did the City of Malibu staff and City Council members and the Public Safety Committee present to CAL TRANS? Please provide a detailed list. Public knowledge and transparency of what is being studies is deserved by people traveling through as well as all the citizens of Malibu. We know all to well that residents as well as non residents have been killed and will be killed.
Brian Eamer November 06, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Here is our chance to really make sure that there are real detailed concerns that are going to be studied by CAL Trans. The City (Council) must continue to shepard and keep at the forefront the questions that needs answering that will result in saving lies and reducing death on PCH. I hereby request that any the information that the City of Malibu has supplied to Cal Trans be publically presented and kept up on a ongoing basis on the City web site so that the Citizens know what issues the City feels need to be addressed in the study. ALL OF MALIBU NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS BEING STUDIED


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