King Tides Could Cause Minor Coastal Flooding in Malibu

The tides will peak starting Thursday through Saturday along the L.A. County coastline, including in Malibu.

King Tides are expected along Malibu's coastline through Saturday, and could cause some minor coastal flooding, according to forecasters.

A coastal flood advisory is in effect from 5 a.m. Thursday through 11 a.m. Saturday, the National Weather Service reported.

Minor coastal flooding is expected in low-lying beaches, lagoons and beach parking lots, the NWS advised.

High tide is expected to reach 6.61 feet at 6:40 a.m. Thursday, 6.88 feet at 7:28 a.m. Friday and 6.95 feet at 8:15 a.m. Saturday, according to Malibu Surfline

According to L.A. Waterkeeper, the king tides will show the potential impacts of sea level rise.

At Malibu's Broad Beach, a proposed project is aimed at battling beach erosion and protecting homes from king tides and strong storms.

The Los Angeles Waterkeeper is asking citizens to document the 2013 king tides by taking photographs during high tide anywhere along the Los Angeles County coast, particularly in areas subject to flooding or erosion and uploading them to http://californiakingtides.org/, and tagging @LAWaterkeeper on Twitter.

Saltwater January 10, 2013 at 02:56 PM
When did the term King tide replace the term spring tide?
John Martin January 11, 2013 at 04:17 PM
Maybe it's time to quit building on beaches?
james mal February 01, 2013 at 11:13 AM
sorry... not going to happen.


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