Lifeguards Attempting to Move Whale Carcass

It is unclear how the 40-foot body will be removed, but officials say an effort is being undertaken.

The carcass of a 40-foot male fin whale that washed onto Little Dume in Malibu was expected to be moved Saturday night, according to county fire officials.

County Fire Department dispatcher Christina Flores said department officials confirmed to dispatchers that an effort to move the whale was being mounted by Los Angeles County Lifeguards.

"They sent us a message saying if anyone calls, we are moving it," Flores told City News Service.

Inspector Brian Riley said earlier that state officials performed a biopsy on the 40-foot whale, which he said "was pretty well decomposed with the tail intact."

It was unclear how the body would be removed.

"The original idea was to tow the body about 10 miles out to sea, where it would be eaten by sharks and other sea creatures," Riley said.

Officials said the whale was likely hit by a ship. Among its injuries was a gash to the back and vertebrae damage.

Fin whales, the second largest behind blue whales, can grow to about 85 feet.

Naturalists estimate that about 2,300 live off the California Coast. They are a type of baleen whale, meaning they use sieve-like structures in their mouths to filter food from the water, unlike toothed whales such as orcas.


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