Malibu Takes Part in History as Endeavour Heads Home

Thousands lined the streets of Malibu from Point Dume to Surfrider Beach in Malibu on Friday as the space shuttle Endeavour passed by.

Thousands turned out in Malibu for a glimpse of the space shuttle Endeavour on its journey through California Friday.

Traffic was jammed up Malibu Canyon Road and up and down Pacific Coast Highway for miles, with several vehicles parking illlegally, all to get a shot of the shuttle's last flight.

Hundreds lined the trails and sidewalks at Bluffs Park in Malibu, many with cameras trained on the sky.

"It's not something you see everyday," said Robin Simon of Agoura Hills, who watched the shuttle fly over from Bluffs Park in Malibu. "It was sort of a huge party."

In Point Dume, Malibu photographer Emma MacLaren James shot some stunning views of the shuttle. Look at all her photos in her blog post.

Follow Endeavours journey through the Los Angeles area and share your photos.


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