VIDEO: Malibu Digs into Pie Festival

Many came out to enjoy pie tasting, a pie eating contest, games, food trucks and live music at Malibu United Methodist Church.

A hands-free pie eating contest, a drumming circle, games and face painting were only some of the activities at the Malibu Pie Festival Saturday at Malibu United Methodist Church.

The festival, which is in its 23rd year, drew families from around Malibu. 

Pies from different categories were judged by Malibu civic and business leaders, including Al Sturgeon, Alan Barbako, Alan Kims, Anne Payne, Bruce Kane, Bryan Gabbard, Burt Ross, Catherine Dao, Debbie Rondell, Francesco Velasco, Jeff Harris, Jill Harris, Jill Matthews, John Lupo, Julie Carmen Hoffman, Keely Brosnan, Knowles Adkisson, Laura Rosenthal, Linda Meadows, Michael Preece, Missy Zeitsoff, Nidra Winger, Pam Herkner, Patti Mehring, R.A. Rondell, Siugen Constanza, Sonja Hedlund and Sgt. Mark Winn.

Here are the winners:

Children’s Categories

6 and Under

  • First: Fresh Strawberry Pie by Lindsey Little
  • Second: Apple Pie by Malibu Methodist Nursery School
  • Third: Gummy Bear Town Pie by Zoe Doyle


  • First: Key Lime Pie by Marielle Mandeville
  • Second: Pumpkin Happiness by Luisa Beck
  • Third: Nutter Brain Pie by Joshua Doyle

Ages 11-14

  • First: Extreme Cheesecake by Tiffany Martin
  • Second: Ava’s Key Lime Pie by Ava Norrell
  • Third: Pumpkin Pie by Helena Mandevile

Adult Categories


  • First: Naked Apple by Laurie Principe
  • Second: Zimmer Family Apple Pie by Max & Suzanne Zimmer
  • Third: Organic Sweet Apple Pie by Laurie Principe


  • First: Lemon Cloud Pie by Dorothy Reinhold
  • Second: Organic Blueberry Pie by Laurie Principe
  • Third: Strawberry Rhubarb by Laura Hicks


  • First: Chocolate Mascarpone by Beth Milliken
  • Second: Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Pie by Dennis Principe
  • Third: Girl in the Curl Chocolate Mint by Abby Blackwood


  • First: Ricotta Nut Pie by Dominica Schiro
  • Second: Pumpkin Cream Pie by Helena Little
  • Third: Chicken Pot Pie by Laurie Principe

Meringue/ Cream Pie

  • First: Crack Pie by John Loy
  • Second: Lemon Curd Meringue by Christine Hogue
  • Third: Fresh Pineapple Pie by Laura Hicks


  • First: Lemon Cheesecake by Dominica Shiro
  • Second: Tamara’s Rumball &Coke Cheesecake by Tamara Gross


  • First: Chocolate Salted Carmel Pie by Kristine Boccino of the Godmother Cafe
  • Second: Bill’s Apple Pie by Malibu Kitchen
  • Third: Market Blueberry Cheesecake by Kristine Boccino of the Godmother Café
Rick Metzler October 14, 2012 at 05:56 PM
That's Lou and Bella-Bella-Bella ~ ! ` !


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