AMERICA Concert To Benefit Corral Canyon Fire Station

Only 350 tickets are available for the event, which is presented by the Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance.

The Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance will present an intimate live performance  with the band AMERICA, a classic rock and roll group.

This all takes place under the Corral Canyon sky to benefit the Corral Canyon Firefighter Program and LACOFD Engine 271 from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 12.

The event will be hosted by Jeff Michael, FOX 11 News Los Angeles, according to organizers. Tickets can be purchased at corralcanyon.org at $125 per ticket, which includes a complimentary wine tasting, general parking and admission.

It is now 4.5 years since the devastating Corral Canyon fire that burnt more than 50 homes and destroyed many more structures. As a Corral Canyon resident, I am extremely proud of my neighbors who worked hard to create a positive out of this destructive fire. 

The Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance was established in May 2009 to serve Corral Canyon and its neighboring canyons and communities, following the 2007 firestorm. This is a volunteer group who raised funds and continues to do so to support the fire protection efforts and presence of LA County Engine 271 within the canyon.

Many Corral Canyon residents gathered at kitchen tables and had a vision to form the CCFSA. The process took great effort, but it is now recognized as a 501(c) (3) corporation.

The group is led by a board of directors and a committee of elected Corral Canyon residents, according to the group's website.

Several volunteers in Corral Canyon worked extremely hard with LA County Fire Department (LACOFD) to develop a program for LA County Engine 271, to be located within Corral Canyon, where this bright red and shiny gorgeous fire truck is stationed. 

Ten Corral Canyon men completed the first phase of the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Call Firefighter Recruit Academy. These are exceptional men who live in Corral Canyon and continue to train every other weekend in order to be recognized by LA County as Call Firefighters, the website states. 

Most recently, Corral Canyon's own LACO Engine 271 became operational and permanently stationed in the canyon. With its territory covering Corral Canyon and the neighboring areas, Engine 271's primary mission is to provide a quick response to fires in the neighborhood by preventing an isolated fire from escalating into a disaster.

In the event of a fire emergency in the canyon, neighbors are advised to dial 911 as Engine 271 can only be directed by LACOFD.

I am so very grateful to my neighbors who dedicated so many hours to making this canyon a safer place to live. Since Malibu residents are a community that supports one another for neighborhood projects, I encourage community participation at this event for a local group whose goal is to make the canyon a safer place to live.

This is added protection for all in Malibu as the fire department can deploy this volunteer group to other areas of Malibu in the case of a firestorm and these call firefighters are willing to contribute their time and talents towards protecting properties for this community.

Jackie Robbins April 30, 2012 at 06:50 PM
This will be a stellar event please don't miss it. So proud to be part of the Corral Canyon Volunteers who are planning a beautiful evening under the stars with the band America! Amazing auction, food choices and free wine tasting. Hang-out with friends and neighbors while supporting the FIRST and ONLY Volunteer Fire Station and Call Fire Fighters in Malibu! Buy your ticket now, don't wait...THANKS SO MUCH, go ENGINE 271!!!
Beverly Taki May 01, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Jackie, I agree with you, I am proud to be part of this Corral community. I hope that the Malibu community will support the event!!!!


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