Barbie Puts 'Malibu Dreamhouse' Up for Sale, Sort of

Here's something fun about Barbie's fictional dream Malibu home, which is "listed" for $25 million.

Barbie has been a part of girls dreams and imaginations for four generations, but for the first time, the brand is literally letting fans “into” her world by opening the doors to her palatial Malibu dream house.  

Barbie fictionally put her coastal Malibu home on the market and is packing up her three-story pink palace – signaling the launch of a year-long global brand campaign. The impressively scaled Barbie home is currently "listed" on the market for $25 million. 

After decades of living in Malibu, Barbie is ready for a change – she’s moving. Her scaled 8,500 square foot, three-story, one-bedroom, one-bathroom mansion is the only house in Malibu with truly unobstructed views of the ocean – after all, it only has three walls! The dreamhouse also includes the iconic pink elevator equipped with a state-of-the-art pulley system.

For 41 years, Barbie doll’s famous dreamhouse has been a fictional Malibu landmark as well as one of the most coveted toy homes. The original Barbie Dreamhouse debuted in 1962, providing girls with the backdrop to “play house” with Barbie which brought to life Ruth Handler’s vision that Barbie allows girls to role play real life scenarios. Each model has represented the era the house was “built” in with unique architectural features and interior design details, including a three-story model in 2012. As a successful career woman and homeowner, the Barbie home is one of her most valuable assets.

Over the next few months, Barbie will embark on a worldwide tour to find a new dream home. This year’s global campaign will feature real-life; life-sized experiences, online engagement and retail touch points that bring the Barbie Dreamhouse to life in new ways.

“It wasn’t an easy decision for Barbie to put her Dreamhouse on the market, but this move marks an unprecedented opportunity for her fans to get an inside look at her dreamy home,” said Lori Pantel, vice president, global marketing for Barbie. “As the brand continues to evolve, we are focused on creating new experiences that allow girls to step into Barbie’s world in ways they never thought possible – igniting their imaginations and encouraging them to dream even bigger.”

Visit Barbie on Facebook (Facebook.com/Barbie) for the latest on her moving adventures.


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