Burt's Eye View: Stuck in Malibu

What then is preventing me from seeing the world? I am not in prison. I can simply get in my car and drive off. And LAX is only an hour away. The answer in one word is—MALIBU.

When I moved here a year ago, I was excited by the prospect of exploring new territories.

During the first 69 years of my life I had pretty much explored a good chunk of the East Coast from the lakes and beaches of Maine to the Florida Keys (not nearly as poetic as Woody Guthrie’s from the redwood forests to the Gulf stream waters). I had traveled to Europe several times, went on safari in South Africa, visited Israel, and even lounged on the beaches of the Seychelle Islands.     

Now it was my time to experience the other side of the world. For openers I would fly fish in Idaho, observe grizzly bears in Alaska, do the hula dance in Hawaii (God forbid), and swim with the great white sharks off the coast of Australia. (That’ll be the day.) And then I would visit Bora Bora, Hong Kong, Bali Hai,  “you special island”, Vietnam, and Thailand, “etc.,etc.,etc.” as Yul Brynner used to say.     

So you might ask me where have I explored since coming to Malibu. I have travelled as far as the tip of Point Dume, Santa Barbara, LAX, and Lake Arrowhead. In other words, I’ve been nowhere.     

Some friends recently got married, and so I ventured forth to such far off lands as Carmel and San Francisco, but the drive up the 101 was not exactly comparable to the Lewis and Clark expedition.     

What then is preventing me from seeing the world? I am not in prison. I can simply get in my car and drive off. And LAX is only an hour away. The answer in one word is—MALIBU.    

Every time I think about a journey, I now ask myself why. Why do I want to take off my shoes and belt to go through security, scrunch up in what the airlines call a seat, lug the luggage, rent a car, book a hotel, and experience all the other joys of travel when I can stay right where I am in Malibu.      

Here I can lie on the beach and watch the waves come in. I can drive down Latigo Canyon or across Mulholland Drive and see views worthy of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. And all this scenery decorated with magnificent sunlight. So if you are in some far off place and you see somebody who looks an awful lot like me bungee jumping off  a bridge, it’s probably not me . No, it’s definitely not me.

I’m stuck in Malibu, but don’t think for one moment this sense of contentment can permanently hold back my wanderlust. Right now I am planning my escape. Where do you think I should visit?

Veda Loca January 29, 2013 at 04:27 PM
First, as you well know, life is short. You never know when you will get hit my a Mac truck. Second, Malibu is not going anywhere. But the quiet side of Kauai is not going to stay quiet. The guy who plays Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole on the piano in the sitting room at the Wawona Hotel in Yosemite may already have been replaced by the chef's cousin who only goes as far back as Billy Joel. And although the desert sky of Joshua Tree, with it's breathtaking sunsets, have stood the test of time, Spin and Margie might not be your hosts at Spin and Margie's Desert Hideaway by the time you get there. A flash back to the '60 appointed with all the kitsch to go with it this is a true "hideaway" where you can spend endless days and enjoy staring up into the star filled night sky. You won't find that in Malibu. And you need to live or it wil be too late one day. And that is not today. But it can be...
Max January 29, 2013 at 04:44 PM
I can see several reasons why one could be "stuck" in Malibu: 1. You’re not sufficiently gorgeous (according to rumor) to thumb a ride as a hitchhiker. 2. You can’t get a ride on a bus since you don’t have exact change. 3. The Dollar-a-Ride service is limited to the city boundaries. 4. You lost your “Get Out of Jail” card. 5. You are housed in one of those rehab mansions. 6. Your surfboard has limited range. 7. You’re on a witness protection program. 8. You’re the only official “Pie Eating Contest” judge left in town. 9. The paparazzi has your house surrounded. 10. You will relinquish your MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellowship if you leave. 11. This is the only coastal town with a Glatt Kosher Fish Grill. 12. Membership in the local gym is not transferable. 13. You’re in your place and can’t recall the combination to open your driveway gate. 14. Your car has been impounded until you pay off all those Malibu parking tickets. 15. You forgot the secret word. 16. They may not let you back in. 17. You’ll be out of range for your TiVo remote to work. 18. The Captain has informed us that no one will be allowed to depart Malibu until you (and everyone else) return to your seat and buckle your seat belt, turn off all electronic devices, stow your belongings and put up the tray. Regardless of the reason, Malibu's a great place in which to be "stuck," as you pointed out. So, kick back and enjoy your stay!! The city loves you.
nancy e January 29, 2013 at 10:56 PM
As I hiked Corral Cyn this morning I tried to think of an interesting place to send you, but as I looked around the lush green hills and paused to observe the abundance of wildlife here I honestly couldn't think of a more beautiful setting. I concur with Max...stay here,enjoy every day you're alive, you are loved here.


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