Conan's Cousins #9

MONDAY  6-30-14 

Okay!  So, last Wednesday we filmed all day and by the time it was over at 7 o'clock that night I had enough footage to edit another seven scenes for my movie THE LONG SHOT . . . which I did on Friday and Saturday. 

And that was a matter of perfect timing because I ran out of editing money at exactly the same time I ran out of footage to be edited! 

So now I am back in the hunt for the last $3,000 that is needed to finish the movie . . . and that excites me to no end. 

The time-frame to enter this movie in the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL is August 28th . . . which means to have the movie in their possession by that date . . . which means to put it in the mail no later than August 25th . . . which means I will now end this post and get my butt in gear. 

Thanks for following this, and please stay tuned for the final push to send this movie toward its eventual target of delivering the chained up green refrigerator containing a movie script . . . to the Conan O'Brien Show to wait for Steven Spielberg to pick up and make into the movie which will . . .  

"Prevent the human species from continuing on its current, rapid, and obvious path . . . to total . . . and everlasting . . . extinction." 

(Piece of  cake.)


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