Happy Chanukah

This Saturday night is the first night of Chanukah the Festival of Lights.

Imagine a world without hatred. Imagine a world where our differences are honored with respect and love. Imagine a world permeated by love and light!

Sound like something from a John Lennon song?

Actually, it is the foundation of a profound practice that dates back two thousand years. This Saturday night is the first night of Chanukah the Festival of Lights. Chanukah celebrates lights that have been kindled for two millennia. These lights tell a story of courage and has the capacity to fill our being with love and joy, year after year.

These lights tell the tale of triumph of hope and light over tyranny and might. The bright lights of Chanukah remind us that despite the tangible forces of darkness, light always prevails.

In a beseeching prayer in 1991 my Rebbe made us realize that it is up to each one of us to bring down the sublime transcendent light that dispels darkness. To this end, the Rebbe took great effort to place Menorahs in public spaces so that all faiths could participate. The need to shine is basic and is universal in nature.

Over the past year many people have sought support in these difficult times. They may have lost their job, their home, or a loved one. It is perfectly natural for a person who is struggling to fall into a space that is referred to as darkness. Chanukah is here to remind us that the only real way to drive away this darkness is to seek the light.

Just as one small candle is capable of illuminating an entire room, a little bit of our inner light, manifest as random acts of goodness and kindness, shines forth into the darkest places of our world. Imagine hundreds, thousands, an entire populations doing this; the cumulative effect is mind-blowing. This is why each of us must do all that we can to shine as brightly as we can.

Have you ever been to a Chanukah party? Are you ready for an evening of joy and light? We would be delighted if you would and join us as we usher in the holiday of Chanukah. Unite with us this Saturday night and enjoy our Chassidic Rock and Roll musical extravaganza of joy and light.

This Chanukah as the lights are kindled in Malibu we pray that everyone in our community and beyond experiences a wondrous coming year. May these lights remove your worries and cares and may your spirits be filled with continuous joy.

Shabbat Shalom!


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