Left turn arrow at Malibu Pier

As a frequent patron of Casa Escobar, I have to deal with the left turn arrow, southbound at Malibu Pier, to turn into their parking lot.  This light is one of those ridiculous things that simply must be changed, but to get Cal Trans to respond to the timing of one traffic signal is a monumental task.  PROBLEM: The turn arrow remains red, as PCH is at a dead stop and the Malibu Pier light is green, indicating to pedestrians, they can safely cross PCH.  I sit in my car, waiting in the left turn lane, gazing at a red turn arrow, for pedestrians to cross in front of my car.  Then my arrow goes green, signaling my turn can proceed... but wait... those pedestrians are now walking in front of the driveway I'm turning into.  I have to stop, sticking out into the street in an incomplete turn until they pass.  Now the light for PCH turns green, signaling the oncoming traffic to go.  The cars are chomping at the bit to come straight at me as I encourage people to pass quickly on the sidewalk so I can complete my turn and get out of their way.  This is so crazy with such a simple solution.  Let the cars turn left at the same time the pedestrians are crossing... at that same time all the cars on PCH are stopped.  Cal Trans had no idea what they created when they created this timing.  I have submitted a request at http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/maint/msrsubmit.  The more people who call, or submit a request online, the more likely they will press a couple of buttons and fix this oddity at the Malibu Pier.  
District Director - CARRIE BOWEN 
Public Information: (213)897-3656Public Information: (213)897-3656
Jamie Ottilie June 30, 2014 at 02:30 PM
Aren't you two talking about the same light?
R Y A N June 30, 2014 at 03:07 PM
If I understand you correctly, you want a "DON'T WALK" zone established along the sidewalk spanning the driveway associated with the eastbound L/T at the Malibu Pier traffic signal. That might be doable by installing another pole with conduit between the new pole and the exiting traffic signal pole near Jack-in-the-Box. BUT, it is unusual to stop pedestrian traffic along a sidewalk at a NON-INTERSECTION traffic signal -- one that was originally designed for pedestrian crossing to the State pier. Alas, motorists must wait for pedestrians to cross a driveway, and must not enter an intersection unless it is safe and time permits the anticipated traffic movement. The unintended consequence of the State's mostly-pedestrian traffic signal is that groups congregate near the traffic signal waiting to platoon across during the walk phase, which might be exacerbating the sidewalk-blocking pedestrians.
Stuart Ebert June 30, 2014 at 08:51 PM
So, every time I use that left turn lane I'm wondering "Is this a mandatory or voluntary left arrow? If it is mandatory, then why are pedestrians crossing in front of me? Is this left turn arrow for BOTH Jack in the Box AND Escobar or only for Escobar? If I'm sitting here, waiting for a green arrow, why did the guy behind me just pull into the driveway? Will I get a ticket if I do the same thing? Well, you get the picture.
R Y A N June 30, 2014 at 11:57 PM
Because the turning movement into Jack-in-the-Box's driveway is before the limit line for the left turn phase, you can legally turn into Jack's parking lot anytime it is safe; you're turning before the limit line for the protected left turn phase into the next driveway/Malibu Inn.
Lorelei Shark July 01, 2014 at 04:36 PM
I don't believe there needs to be a "don't walk" zone. I'm suggesting the cars turn at the same time pedestrians are crossing PCH. That way, East/West cars and people move together. I don't know about the turn into Jack-in-the-Box. I do know when there is a red left turn arrow, such as the one at the Malibu Pier left turn into Casa Escobar, one must wait until it is green. The only problem I have encountered is turning into the people who just crossed from the pier and are now walking North, across the driveway. This is not brain surgery - it's just a wound that needs a bandage.


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