LETTER: Scout Needs a Home, Surgery

Scout was left behind by a family that moved to Texas.

Scout is just two years old and he is a Bernese Mountain Dog.

His family had to move back to Texas and into small quarters so could not take him. He was left on a back porch of a family who also lives in tight space and they already have a large dog. He needs a home. Scout has had a painful shoulder that is seen in large dogs who grow fast. Not only does he need a home but he needs a surgery.

Scout is sweet, loving and just wants to be cared for. He grew up with four children, he is good on a leash. He is potty trained (presently goes through doggy door to get out), and he loves other dogs, especially ones who will be his buddy.

Please consider donating to the surgery and/or adopting him so we don’t have to take him to the shelter.


Karen:  310-924-1727
Tracy:  310-210-1104

Tracy Stoker, Malibu

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Mahalo December 16, 2012 at 06:06 PM
what kind of scumbags just leave their poor beautiful animal behind?? Poor Scout.


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