LETTER: Support Malibu School Board Candidates

David M. Kramer of Malibu voices his support for Malibu candidates running for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

Dear Community,  

In the past, I have explained the importance of Malibu being represented on the podium at SMMUSD Board of Education (BOE) meetings and in general, one way or the other, and on SMMUSD District Advisory Councils.  

This is the best time in a long time to have representation on the SMMUSD Board of Education (BOE). Karen Farrer, Craig Foster, and Seth Jacobson are running as a Malibu slate for the BOE.  

They have teaching, school, financial, and business experience. They are well educated and very informed about schools in Malibu and the District. They are parents of Malibu students.    

They have new ideas and a common platform that emphasizes student achievement, reduced classroom size, closing the achievement gap among district demographics groups and working with the teachers union to put in place best practices amongst their goals.  

Two School Board individuals running for BOE have over 12 years on the BOE, and I think both Malibu and Santa Monica could use some fresh ideas.  

I urge you to do two things: Support these candidates by making a strong vote count from all of Malibu, and please call your friends in Santa Monica and encourage them to vote for this slate of Farrer, Foster, and Jacobson.  

No matter what, the stronger the support for these candidates the better representation Malibu Schools will have for the future.  

David M. Kramer
Point Dume, Malibu

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