Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Both pooches are sweet and will be a joy to bring home.


While we haven't had winter yet this year, encountering beautiful Pioneer certainly brings cool days and warm sweaters to mind. His coat is thick and luscious, reds and browns tinged with creamy white. His icy blue eyes are captivating and entrancing. 

Beyond those good looks, is one very remarkable dog. Pioneer is a gentle soul who sleeps besides his three very large kennel mates in perfect harmony.

A nice sized boy at 52 pounds he is dreamy on a leash. And, at 3 years of age, his manners are well-cultivated. This is a ready-made friend! Pioneer has a very slight malformation on his lip, probably the result of a wound from some time in his past. 

He's gives the sweetest kisses and love. Pioneer is ready for some fun exploration, be it in the snow or at the ocean. Why not take him along and let him blaze the trails for you? Be a hero and save a life - you'll be forever glad you did. Adopt Pioneer with number A1347469.


Adorable Mopsey proves that nice ladies don't have to be old-fashioned. Her hairdo is contemporary, her smile is ever-lasting, and her energy is abundant.  This dog is one of the most adorable, delightfully gleeful girls around. She was absolutely perfect at our adoption event last weekend. No one minded that her ringlets needed brushing and her beautiful coat needed bathing. You would think that Mopsey was on the red carpet at a major Hollywood event or even at a runway inside a fashionable Paris salon. She pranced and strutted and flashed her grin at every camera in the vicinity. 

Mopsey is 8 years young and weighs in at a well-proportioned 10 1/2 pounds.  This girl loves everyone, be it human or canine. She's guaranteed to bring lots of joy your way if you give her the chance. Bring Mopsey's home with adoption number A1030194.

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea by email at IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com or by phone at (323) 363-4909. She's happy to meet you at the shelter, which is located at 3612 11th Ave., Los Angeles.


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