Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

These three dogs are ready to spend the holidays out of the shelter and in a real home.

Spikey & Snikers

Everyone at the shelter knows this dynamic duo, an unlikely pair of pals, an always-grinning pit mix and his happy-go-lucky corgi-mix shadow: Spikey and Snikers. 

These two are always taking turns at the front of the cage, anxious to see what is going on in this strange new world they've come to call home. Spikey is such a gentle soul, though a big boy indeed. He's got a smudge of black on the side of his mouth like a beauty mark that has since smeared. He's fun-loving and absolutely endearing. 

Snickers, with his long-flowing blond hair, is the rambunctious one of the pair and loves to jump on Spikey and kiss his muzzle. Both are undeniably way too cute to pass up  --  or to be euthanized. 

We've had these boys out and watched them around other dogs in the small room that they now stay in. (Both have been on antibiotics for a doggy cold, so were put in ISO, but they are improving and ready to return to regular kennels now). 

We couldn't help but laugh at their joyfulness and noticed that they were totally blase with others barking at them. Spikey and Snickers love everyone, it seems, and they will certainly find a spot in your heart once you meet them.  Their status at the shelter is exceedingly urgent.

Spikey (A1353157, 7 years young and 59 pounds) and friend Snickers, with that tremendously terrific underbite (A1353161, 5 years old and a petite 12 pounds).

Little Fisher

Talk about an irresistible puppy. Little Fisher has a face that would look great on any holiday card. That compelling smile and the adorable one-ear-up, one-ear-down makes him the perfect subject for any photographer.  

Just a puppy at heart, Fisher is one year old and perfectly-sized at 15 pounds.  Unfortunately, Fisher has a slight physical challenge, though a temporary one  --  a fracture of his pelvis, probably caused by an accident with an automobile.  However, the good news is that Fisher still zooms around and will heal without surgery. 

Just take him for short walks and try to keep that terrier energy to a minimum  --  at least for a short span. 

Here is a video of this initially-shy but utterly-sweet fellow who is desperately seeking a home. Fisher's Adoption ID number is A1357028.

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea by email at IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com or by phone at (323) 363-4909. She's happy to meet you at the shelter, which is located at 3612 11th Ave., Los Angeles.

J. Flo November 23, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Puppy Fisher is in danger of being euthanized this weekend - if you would love to save a dear life and find a new buddy, PLEASE call Andrea, ASAP!!!!!! Give life as your Holiday gift!


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