Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Both these dogs are sweet as sugar and looking for a home.


Olivia, the delicate flower that she is, came into the shelter with huge bite wounds. Her chest was gouged, teeth marks indented in her back. What a travesty for such a little girl!

Olivia won't identify her attacker, the one who stuck his teeth into her. She won't blame anyone. She's taking it all in stride. Our hearts go out to her but applaud her bravery. You can watch this video link and see how her attitude is one of forgiveness and love.

Olivia is 6 years of age and weighs a minimal 9 pounds. She has been spayed and is ready to join you in your home today. Who could resist those soft brown eyes and big tall ears? But, better yet  --  that crooked smile! She's precious and she's perfect. Olivia's Adoption ID # is A1363507.


What a delightful boy is Roy! Perpetually smiling, tongue out and tail wagging, Roy is definitely one of my favorite dogs at the shelter. Kind, considerate, tolerant, eager to please. He's so handsome with his shiny black coat and white shirt, as if dressed in formal attire, ready for opening night. 

His impeccable manners match his fastidious appearance. He's sweet and gentle but with pizazz and spunk. It was so amusing when we were taking his photo. Immediately, without any prompting, Roy sat down and flashed his beaming grin. As we struggled to get the perfect shot, he moved around a bit and we told him to stay calm. 

He sank to the ground, looking like a scolded child.  It was too funny as we weren't angry at all. But, he looked so ashamed and vowed to make us proud.  Roy is perfectly behaved with his kennel mates, polite when dining together in a small space, a very telling feature of his character. This wonderful dog came into the shelter as a stray, having lived for 2 years with someone who must have treated him well.  He's a perfect mid-size model at 58 pounds. 

You won't find a sweeter guy to spend 2013 with! Roy's Adoption ID number is A1361852.

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea at IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com or by phone at (323) 363-4909. She's happy to meet you at the shelter, which is located at 3612 11th Ave. in Los Angeles. 


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