Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Tallyho, Cobb and Bradley are looking to come in from the cold and into a loving home.


Tallyho, away he goes. We so hope! Waiting for just the right someone to save his life, our little tricolor fellow remains on his kennel bed. 

But, it's really cold these days, even with a blanket, and hard not to become downcast. Tallyho is yearning for a home. He's a shy dog, but once he knows you, he's a lap-lover and a total sweetheart. 

Tallyho is the great age of 3 years and a perfect size at just 35 pounds. He's very friendly with other dogs, walks well on a leash, and is quiet and considerate. Not a barker. Not a whiner. Just a sweet waiter. So many wonderful qualities!  

Please consider bringing that wait to an end for this precious soul. Come meet Tallyho today. Ask for ID Adoption No. A1364970.

Cobb & Bradley

Bradley appears to be a regal boy.  Our 5-year old hound dog is certainly very distinguished, so handsome in his white coat with the brindle accents. He's got the jowls of a diplomat as well. And the voice of a baritone. 

In person, Bradley is very animated. He's got a tail that indicates very clearly that he is pleased to see you. And big brown sparkly eyes that beg for attention. Oddy enough, Bradley has what appears to be an exact clone for a kennel mate. 

The boys did not come in together but must be related somehow. Both weigh 40 pounds! Bradley and his pal Cobb, 2 years of age, get along very well and are now sharing their kennel with a third dog who keeps them company. 

Gentle, good-natured, funny and friendly, but still homeless, Bradley and Cobb are facing what could be their final days. Don't let them die here! Bradley's ID Adoption No. is A1364436. Cobb's is Adoption No. A1364109.


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