Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Dijon came to the shelter as a stray, while Louie was turned in by a family who was moving. Both are looking for a forever home.


What a lovely little baby! With just the right hint of spiciness to her, Dijon is still a puppy at only 7 months old. An ingenue who will develop into a proper and precious sweetheart given a home. 

Dijon came into the shelter as a stray and didn't have to wait long before we snatched her up and brought her to our mobile pet adoption in Studio City last weekend. At the park this 31 pound creamy miss with the freckled nose was delighted by all she saw.

So many other dogs as well as a multitude of visitors who doted upon her. This girl has the potential to be whatever you might dream of in a canine companion. She's affectionate, playful, attentive and gentle.  Although she wasn't adopted at the park, Dijon did return to the Best Friends facility in Mission Hills where she is available for adoption. 

Her Adoption ID # was A1376704 which was changed when she joined that group.  If you call them, they'll let you know her new adoption number.


Louie, Louie, you're such a cutie! Our 3-year old, 9 pound little man is quite a presence with that absolutely irresistible face and a personality that is spunky yet sweet. We all know that terriers have tons of character. 

They are inquisitive, no-nonsense, intelligent, loyal little beings who may know more than their human families. At least they think they do. All that wrapped up in a small package with a scruffy cute makes them intriguing and a hit at any gathering. 

Louie was turned in to the shelter by his family who was moving. He's a very social guy and came to our adoption event in Studio City last weekend.  Charming, well-behaved with all of the other dogs around him, Louie was quite a hit. But, sadly, not adopted that day. 

He was taken by Best Friends to their shelter in Mission Hills and would love to meet with you there. His LA Animal Services Adoption ID # was A1266429.  Louie will have a new Adoption number now so please check with them if you are interested in finding your new love!

Best Friends Animal Shelter
15321 Brand Blvd, Mission Hills, CA 91345
Phone:(818) 643-3989

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea at email IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com, phone (323) 363-4909.


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