Malibu Adoptions Can Save These Lives

Both of our dogs this week come with personal stories from those who loved them but couldn't keep them any longer.


Zazou was roaming the streets of South L.A. when, lo and behold, he arrived at the most important intersection of his life. There stood Matt Beisner from The Zen Dog. Matt wound up taking Zazou (then nameless) home with him for a week while he searched for the dog's owner -- who was never found. 

Zazou played with the other dogs in the household, learned obedience skills from his trainer friend, and received the praise and affection that he so deserves. Unfortunately, this charming 45-pound, 2-year old shepherd mix could not stay with his new friends and was brought to the shelter. 

Everyone who has met Zazou loves him and we are all trying to find the perfect home for him. He is endearing, precious, absolutely loving with everyone and certainly near-perfect. He comes with a free training session. Attached to this article are some video clips of Zazou in action. If you are as drawn to him as we all are, please rush to the shelter and meet him. Ask for adoption number A1353116 in Male 2. Zazou will be so glad you did -- and you will too, I'm sure.


You cannot pass Gray's kennel without stopping suddenly, gasping, and marveling at this dog's beauty. No photo can do her justice. She is absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind. 

Gray has the coloring of a dilute tortie cat -- soft oranges and pale grays, mixed with whites and beiges, all swirled around like marbled ice cream. Truly yummy. Those ears alone are enough to make your jaw drop. They are reminiscent of the regal Pharaoh Hound. But, aside from her physical allure, there is a refinement, a gentleness that is apparent as well. 

Gray is shy with new people but undeniably as sweet as they come. Her family included small children, teenagers and adults. And as for her canine ancestry, she lived with a dachsund and now shares kennel space with two other large dogs. Walking her through the kennels elicits no negative reaction on her part, just a graceful stroll. 

Gray is only 10 months old so still a puppy in many ways. She weighs 49 pounds, a perfect medium size. Attached is an all-too-brief video clip of this truly special girl. 

Please consider adding this colorful Gray, with adoption No. 1351968, to your life today.

For more info please contact volunteer Andrea by email at IveGoneToTheDogs@gmail.com or by phone at (323) 363-4909. She's happy to meet you at the shelter, which is located at 3612 11th Ave., Los Angeles.


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