Rain, Rain Go Away

My first instinct would have been to curse my bad luck, but then I remembered I was a Malibuite. My flowers and shrubs desperately need this water.

When I was  growing up in New Jersey, the kids would sing a song, “Rain Rain Go Away, Come Back Another Day.” We meant the first part, but not the second. Rain was a pain in the butt. When it rained cats and dogs we would have to stay in the house which wasn’t half the fun of playing outdoors. You couldn’t play stickball in your living room.     

The worst season for me was spring. Just when the temperatures moderated the rainy season would commence in earnest. I remember having most of my softball games cancelled in college because of what was euphemistically called inclement weather, a fancy expression for rain.     

Rain was not reserved for spring. We often had thunderstorms throughout the summer, and when I returned East this past October it rained more in one day than it has here in Malibu since I arrived last January. And, of course, winter was not precipitation free. The wet just came down as white snow flakes.

I tell you all this because I love the sun and promised myself I would not become a typical southern Californian hoping for rain. Years ago when I was saturated with rain back East, a friend of mine visited me from San Diego. As soon as it rained, he rejoiced. I have rarely seen such a happy bloke. I could have knocked his block off. I was wet to the bone and there he was as happy as a clam. I haven’t a clue why a clam should be happy.      

I tell you all this because Friday I was awakened in the middle of the night by an unfamiliar sound. I could not quite place the sound, but my wife explained to me it was the sound of rain. Ah yes, the sound of rain drops hitting the roof and windows. Quite remarkable indeed!     

My first instinct would have been to curse my bad luck, but then I remembered I was a Malibuite. My flowers and shrubs desperately need this water, and the risk of fire will diminish from very high to low. My house and I might not burn to a crisp, and that is something to be thankful for.

Max November 18, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Burt, there's no need to fret over the absence of those wonderful sounds of rain. These days, we have complete control (remember that TV show, “We have control over the vertical, the horizontal, sharpness, …”?). Simply Google “sound effects.” Want the sound of light rain, heavy rain, a storm, or a mild drizzle to brighten your day? No problem. Hearing aids in place, gentlemen, but don't stop there. I remember as a kid wanting desperately to play football while it was pouring cats and dogs. Our parents would say, “Do you want to catch pneumonia?” “Why don’t you play on the freeway for that matter?” Voilà! I use several sound effects at the same time and off I go to Cyberspace Stadium. Today, I listened to a lightening storm, replete with heavy rain and wind, and, simultaneously, high-speed traffic on a freeway and the sound of kids playing football. Exactly what I wanted to do as a kid! I even threw in a wild pack of dogs, sirens and stadium crowds cheering. What a kick: Playing football on a busy freeway during a down pour, lightening bolts bursting in air, high winds, while being cheered on by 100,000 fans and chased by wild dogs and cops! These days, Mom might warn us not to throw all caution to the wind, “Son, play all you want, but please respect copyright rules.” So, add a little excitement to your day while living here in the quiet desert we call Malibu. But, please, don’t play the sound effect of a fire; that’s too close for comfort.


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