Save Money While Saving the Planet

If you’re looking for a way that your family or business can help fight climate change right here in Malibu, it just got a little bit easier. The World Wildlife Fund is working with EnergySage, an online solar PV comparison-shopping platform that makes it easier than ever for Americans to install rooftop solar on their homes and reduce their personal contribution to climate change.


The partnership is designed to help Americans contribute to sustainability efforts while lowering their home or business’ energy bills. An average residential solar PV system will avoid more than 141 tons of carbon emissions over its lifetime—the equivalent of planting 3,314 trees or taking 27 cars off the road. It also will generate returns on investment for the property owner between 10%-30% annually.


The EnergySage Solar Marketplace serves as the program’s engine. The site helps homeowners, businesses and non-profits learn about solar, obtain competitive bids for solar power systems, and select the one that meets their particular needs and goals. Through automation, the EnergySage platform helps to reduce prices and make solar PV systems more accessible to a larger portion of the population. Its goal is to drive exponential increases in market adoption of solar. For each solar panel system installed through the program through September 2014, EnergySage will give $250 or more to support WWF’s conservation efforts.


The program, part of WWF’s “Renewable, It’s Doable” campaign which is accessed through a WWF portal on the EnergySage.com site, makes it easier for people to research and shop for the best deals on solar panel systems.



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