From Binders Full of Women to Ballots Full of Women?

Vote for women in November, at least in Malibu and in California.

Last night as I drove home with my daughter from her match we listened to the presidential debate. I was dumbfounded with Mitt's comment that he asked for and got "binders full of women" when he was the Governor. Why did Mitt Romney have to refer to binders to hire women? Why aren't women given the same opportunities as men and paid the same as men?

This morning, the "binders" comment stuck with me. As I read the governor's record I learned more about the Binders and the Facts. I also saw an Emily's List posting turning the Binders into Ballots and was inspired!

Women represent more than 50 percent of the population of the USA, but women only hold 27.6 percent or less of elected positions and/or Mitt appointed positions! 

Women make up only 16.8 percent of Congress. 
(90 women have been elected to Congress out of a total of 535 seats) - (61D, 29R - 16.8 percent of 535 seats)
U.S. Senate 17 (12D, 5R - 17 percent of 100 seats)
U.S. House 73 (49D, 24R - 16.8 percent of 435 seats) 

42 percent of Romney’s appointments during his first two and a half years as governor were women, the number of women in high-level appointed positions actually declined to 27.6 percent during his full tenure as governor, according to to a 2007 MassGAP study. 

In state Statewide Executive positions, including Governors and Lt. Governors, women hold 75, 23.4 percent of 320 positions. 

I created a petition to help get women out of Binders and in to Positions of Leadership in the Real World! 

You can visit: http://signon.org/sign/mitt-hasbinders-full if you want to do something and sign the petition.  

Better yet, you vote for women in November (at least in Malibu and in California!)

Don't settle for Binders women - get on a Ballot near you!

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karen October 17, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Not at ALL settling for Binders for Women - I am TOTALLY SUPPORTING MITT Romney for ALL That he has done for women in politics and in the economy generally. There is only ONE MAN who will get the economy going for men AND women, and that is Governor Romney. Thank GOODNESS someone is fighting back against the OUTRAGEOUS WAR ON WOMEN perpetrated by the President we are ALL suffering under, and who will EMPOWER women rather than see us as helpless government-needing children that Obama seems to see us as. You want women to be empowered? Vote for Mitt. It's past time for women to wake up
karen October 17, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Just wondering, too, how supportive you are of Sarah Palin. What a powerhouse!
R Y A N October 17, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Interesting figures you quote. Comparison to other governors, and other government staffs in the area, would likely show Romney is trending stronger than the rest. I agree that a woman doing the same work as a man deserves equal pay. That said, some women can't physically do some jobs, and men can't have babies, so there will always be natural differences that should be celebrated rather than disdained. A robust economy could restore the single-wage-earner purchasing power to allow one parent to actually parent their own kid(s). This would enable CHOICES that currently do not exist for many families. When politicians create special tax credits, expemtions, unfunded mandates, and job-stifling regulations, it translates makes a bad economy and lower total tax collections -- AND LOST JOBS. Investment during a risky economy requires some assurance against high tax rates negating the effort.
JBB October 18, 2012 at 04:51 PM
I can't believe how many women buy into this victim mentality. Gender is just one more divisive tactic by the left. Divide by class, divide by gender, divide by religion, divide by ethnicity. The difference in pay calculation as been debunked. Many women are not interested in the corporate or career track and choose to stay home, but that choice is demeaned by some of the so called 'feminists'. Only people who don't think for themselves buy into this 'war on women' bs. Get over it. We women are not ViCTIMS! We are strong....and this strong woman is voting for ROMNEY!!! Hope to throw the 'divider in chief' out!
studioseda October 19, 2012 at 02:03 AM
I am a strong woman who chose to quit a high paying and prestigious dream job to raise my children- It was my choice and I am not sorry to have done that- I have never played into the victim mentality despite the fact that the men in corporatations that Romney supports get paid double the women doing the same job- Most of the valid arguments about this is for high paying management or service providing jobs (like architecture or engineering) where women have traditionally been paid much lower than men for doing the same job- NONE of the candidates has ever done anything to change this tradition- WE DESERVE equal pay for equal work- prove to me that they have done anything! The president has signed one bill but its not into effect, and the governor's words sound to me like a bad joke- Yes women have come a long way (compared to the middle east! But really nothing has been done fundamentally- It's still a man's world- Ballots by women for women's rights will change that in the future- Perhaps when we have a woman president!!


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