Campus Police Investigating Theft of Pepperdine Student Newspapers

This is the second theft of issues of the Pepperdine Graphic this year and in both cases, the newspapers contained stories about drunken driving involving fraternity and sorority members.

Pepperdine University campus police are investigating the theft of 350 copies of the student newspaper at a cost of $1,460, which is the second time the paper has been stolen, according to reports.

The Oct. 25 issue of newspapers went missing over a weekend, according to the Pepperdine Graphic.

Pepperdine President Andrew K. Benton said in a statement to the newspaper that he was disappointed by the disappearance of the papers.

“When an individual is allowed to control the news, something is lost and the reputation of a community is damaged,” Benton said.

During both thefts, the student newspaper had stories about drunken driving involving fraternity and sorority members, Graphic Executive Editor Kayla Ferguson said. 

Hans Laetz November 16, 2012 at 10:40 AM
Malibu residents should read the courageous reporting in the Pepperdine Graphic. http://www.pepperdine-graphic.com/news/student-arrested-in-drunk-driving-accident/ The student journalists work on a small intimate campus. One can only imagine the blowback they get in person for reporting the news professionally. For us in the greater Malibu community, these events are shocking. A drunken man allegedly crashed his car Sept. 5 on Civic Center Way at Vista Pacifica, left three injured friends in the wreckage and ran back to his on-campus apartment. He then apparently showed up two days later at a party -- and some Pepperdine students are very unhappy about that. And then, someone stole the newspapers. But they didn't spam the website. Read the comments on the Graphic's site.
Marshall Thompson November 16, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Pepperdine senior Jake McFadden = cowardly douche and so are his fraternity brothers. They should all be summarily expelled. TODAY.
Hans Laetz November 16, 2012 at 09:33 PM
I think Pepperdine has some explaining to do. Read the students' comments. One student said "What Jake did was blatantly reckless and shows a complete lack of regard for Law/friendship/honesty and integrity. I know Jake on a personal level and i cant begin to tell you how many times he drove home drunk from Rugby House. "We all saw it, we all knew. Furthermore I cant begin to state how many times I have witnessed Jake speeding through campus/blowing stop signs, blasting his music as if he had something to prove. "My point in stating all this, is that Jake is immature, incredibly spoiled and lacks the ability to reflect and think before hand. The fact remains, this accident was bound to happen eventually given the nature and attitude of this individual. Lets just be thankful nobody was killed. In regards to Jake, he deserves the consequences of his actions, whatever they may be." What is Rugby House? Are students tanking up on campus? That entire conversation is scary/admirable. There appears to be a drunk driver support network on the campus,. There also appears to be some students willing to call this stuff out, but only after a crash. Hats off to the University-owned newspaper for telling this story. Now, where is the accountability, Pepperdine? Are we going to see more denial? By the way, Cal State Chico deactivated its Greek system yesterday because a kid drank himself to death while pledging.
hellwood November 16, 2012 at 09:47 PM
thanks hans! I love how the patch published this just for the public to fill in the blanks to get the REAL story. was this on purpose? It's interesting that the patch would choose this angle when the headline should read "PEPPERDINE STUDENT JAKE MCFADDEN DUI HIT AND RUN INJURES THREE". then they could add the less significant facts regarding the newspapers mysteriously vanishing in a possible attempt to cover it up
Hans Laetz November 16, 2012 at 11:15 PM
No, I don't think it was on purpose. I think the Sept. 5 crash was kind of under the radar, until the Pepperdine Graphic online article prompted students to air that laundry out. Patch and the rest of the world didn't know about the astounding, shameful actions of that man that night. Or, that the institution condones or enables that. Pepperdine University has on-campus facilities of some sort where drivers routinely get smashed? Really? Where is their "Public Safety Department"? They are California peace officers. If it is common observance to see drunks blowing stop signs on campus, where are the cops? Andy Lyon suggested during the campaign that DUI checkpoints would be most-effective on the Pepperdine access roads. Youch. He may have been right.


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