Judge Leaning Toward Letting Paparazzo Lawsuit Against Pink Go Forward

Plaintiff plaintiff Boris Issaei said the performer and her motocross racing husband battered him at the Malibu Country Mart.

Pink performing at the Oscars. Twitter photo.
Pink performing at the Oscars. Twitter photo.

In a written tentative ruling today, a judge said a lawsuit filed against singer Pink and her husband by a paparazzo who alleges he was battered by a friend of the couple can move forward.

In court documents, attorneys for the entertainer and her spouse, 38- year-old motocross racer Carey Hart, said neither assaulted or battered plaintiff Boris Issaei during a June 13, 2013, run-in in Malibu, because words alone do not amount to a physical attack.

In the complaint filed Nov. 25, Issaei said he was photographing the couple as they changed their daughter Willow's diaper. He alleges the couple's acquaintance, Nader Heydari, kicked the Issaei in a shin and stomped on his feet.

The lawsuit alleges Hart acted as a lookout, a fact noted in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elia Weinbach's preliminary ruling.   "While Hart kept a close eye out for any witnesses, Heydari kicked the plaintiff on his shin and repeatedly stomped on his feet," Weinbach wrote. "When (Issaei) tried to explain to Pink that he was not trying to take pictures of the baby naked and she should stop (the others) from hurting him, she refused to listen to him and used words like, "You deserve it."

Pink and Hart were not uninvolved bystanders, according to the judge.

"(Issaei) thus alleges, at a minimum, that (Pink and Hart) kept an eye out for witnesses, used encouraging language during the course of the attack and actively blocked him from leaving during the course of the attack," Weinbach wrote.

The judge is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday before issuing a final ruling.

The 34-year-old Pink's real name is Alecia Beth Moore.

--City News Service

Stephanie Bennett April 03, 2014 at 10:46 AM
We need to control he paparazzo from these activities!! It would be unnerving for anyone to be stocked and photographed in this way!!
Julie April 03, 2014 at 12:25 PM
The Paparazzo are a big problem period, but here in our community it's become very unnerving. The road I live on is littered with strategically park cars, usually one male inside on his phone. It sometimes amuses me how obvious they are. I have witnessed their MO. They park one ahead of the house they are stalking, one behind and usually a couple of guys leaning on their cars ready to pounce. It's impossible to even walk down their road to the beach or park without been accosted. I don't blame the stalked for kicking the s#*t out of these guys, how about rewriting the law on this one.
Ralo Sanchez April 03, 2014 at 01:25 PM
I have seen this bottom-feeder before. He's looking for a paycheck and nothing more. Photographing a baby getting a diaper changed..? He should be prosecuted, and receive a good slapping!!


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