Commissioners Delay Hearing on New Malibu Road Home

The plans for the two-story home have come under fire by surfers and neighbors who are concerned that the residence will block ocean views and beach access.

The Malibu Planning Commission put off a public hearing until January on a planned new two-story home on Malibu Road near the popular surfing spot known as the Colony.

Commissioners voted to delay the hearing for a coastal development permit and variance for the proposed 4,277-square-foot home at 24024 Malibu Road until its Jan. 7 meeting at Malibu City Hall.

The plans call for a two-car garage, concrete bulkhead, staircase to the beach, swimming pool and spa, view corridors and the installation of an alternative onsite wastewater treatment system, according to city documents.

The property, which is currently vacant and only houses a fence, guardrail and concrete retaining wall, is owned by Ardie and Tania Tavangarian.

A petition started by Malibu resident Oliver Damavandi in opposition to the plans has garnered 65 votes as of Monday night. Neighbors are concerned that the proposed two-story home may compromise the stability of the slope and disrupt their views.

Surfers fear the home will block a public viewing area and access area to the popular surf spot known as the Colony. The property is within feet of public access way that is recorded with the State Coastal Conservancy.

City staff wrote in a Commission Agenda Report prepared on Nov. 21 that the home would not have a significant impact on the view of neighbors and public areas of the beach and Malibu Road.

The project requires one variance because of the steepness of the slope leading from Malibu Road to the beach. The slope was made during the construction of Malibu Road, according to the report.

A retaining wall was constructed on the property by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works in 1987 in response to a landslide.

The Tavangarians have offered to dedicate a lateral public access along the shore, the report states.

Kelli December 04, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Didn't anyone tell the property owners when they bought the lot that it's one of the most unstable parcels along the Malibu coast? This is the exact spot where Malibu Road caved in and created a giant "sink hole" during a storm some years back. The road was closed, made impassable by the sink hole that covered both lanes. All residents at that time had to enter and exit through the top end of Malibu Road. No one should be allowed to build on this parcel - no matter what the architecture/home size. I don't even know how they'd be able to get property insurance with such unstable geology. Adding to that - if anyone is going to build, any house would DEFINITELY impact neighbor's views AND the public space. It's a lose-lose situation no matter which way you look at it. Permit should be denied. As for the 11/21 agenda report stating differently - what "city staff" wrote it and what were they thinking to have been so far removed from reality?
Frank P. Angel December 04, 2012 at 11:19 PM
The applicant and his apologists should watch out (seaward, I mean) before crying "taking." If there is a taking, it is of public property -- our tidelands and our ocean waters.
Ed December 06, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Frank, you're such a pin head. I suppose you have a survey that shows that the development is located seaward of the existing MHTL? Or did you just look at the color photo to make your determination? And Kelli, did you review the applicant's geology and soils report? Assess the hazards and mitigation measures if any proposed by the project or did you just base your opinion on past observation? The problem with the patch is that there are just too many development "experts" lending their time and opinions for free. You get what you pay for.


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