GOP to Open Headquarters in Malibu

The Malibu Bel Air Republican Women Federated hope to get presidential hopeful Mitt Romney elected in the November election.

Following the energy of the Republican National Convention, the GOP will open a headquarters in Malibu, starting next week.

The Malibu Republican Headquarters is set to open at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 6 with a wine and cheese event. A cut out of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be available for photo ops.

The headquarters will be located at the Old Malibu Courthouse and jail site at 21323 Pacific Coast Highway.

“This location has high visibility and allows a convenient location to register voters as well," said Bonnie Coleman, chairman of the headquarters.

The headquarters will be operated by volunteers from the Malibu Bel Air Republican Women Federated (MBA-RWF) through Election Day.

Gary Aminoff, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County,is expected to attend. Aminoff is also a member of the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee, a member of the Board of Directors of the California Republican Assembly and District Director for its 26th Senatorial District.

“He will provide an educational presentation on the propositions that voters will be asked to vote on in November,” according to Susanne Reyto, MBA-RWF president.

Todd Zink, a candidate for State Senate, is expected to also attend.

For more information, email mbarwf.reservation@gmail.com or call 310-456-3100. 

Ashley W. Lewis September 03, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Thanks to everyone involved in putting the Headquarters together! We need it. The Country needs it. Every Republican, Undecideds, Independents and smart Democrat needs to vote for Romney to save our country. We have lost many freedoms under Obama and will lose many more and will be a far less safe country if he is re-elected. I hope we're committed to saving our Capitalist, Free Enterprise system of government which is what created the greatest & most generous country that the world has ever known. We have to get our debt down. Without economic freedom there can be no freedom.
Mike September 06, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Thanks, Beverly. I agree completely with Mr. Lewis comments. Hope to see you there.


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