John Sibert Announces Re-Election Bid

The incumbent says he wants to build on accomplishments made during his first term on the City Council.

It appears the two incumbents eligible to run in the 2012  campaign will be in the race. John Sibert picked up his nomination papers at  Thursday afternoon. Jefferson "Zuma Jay" Wagner pulled papers on Tuesday. The two men have until Jan. 13 to return to City Hall with the documents signed by at least 20 registered Malibu voters.

"There are things left to do," Sibert told Malibu Patch when asked why he was running for a second term. "We've gotten good starts on a lot of programs [involving clean water] ... We've got good relationships with the , so we want to build on that."

Sibert was elected to the council in 2008 when he placed third in the five-person contest. Wagner placed second and Pamela Conley Ulich, who is termed-out, was the top vote-getter.

He served on the  for more than five years prior to joining the council and has been involved in Malibu politics since the 1980s.

Three other people have pulled papers for the 2012 race—former Council member ,  and skateboard enthusiast/local YouTube star "Malibu" Hamish "The Illusion" Patterson. They and anyone else who might pull papers have until Jan. 18 to return them with the 20 valid signatures. 

It could be an interesting series of campaign forums if they include Sibert and Lyon. The last public interaction the two had was in April when Lyon  from the audience during the council hearing on .

Lyon is an opponent of the state project. Sibert is not a supporter, but he sided with the majority of the council that declined to submit a letter to the state to oppose the plan, with the major reason being they feared it could kill the chance of any project being done to help what they consider to be an unhealthy body of water.

The top three vote-getters in this election will earn seats on the council. Election Day is April 10. 


Mr. Malibu December 27, 2011 at 01:04 AM
it is interesting to note that only one person in this entire blog used violence language and that was J. Flora ... "sniper attack" .... "throwing hand grenades".... typically bloggers who use such language are attempting to bring a negative light to facts being posted. The former owners of the new building frequently claimed the building was 46,000 sq ft. and not sure if the city's calculations are based on "useable" sq ftg - but that is not critical to this conversation. What is critical is the brazen waste and expansion while every other city in the nation is carefully downsizing... Andy's comment re: $50K study proposed of park trends pretty much says EVERYTHING about the current city.
Marshall Thompson December 27, 2011 at 02:56 AM
So to bring the conversation around in a circle, hey JOHN SIBERT, are you listening to what people are saying here? Are you going to do the same things as your last stretch in the Council, or will you take a different path, maybe listen to a few different voices, a few fresh points of view. What will YOU offer us that is bold, new, responsive, conserving of cash, rejecting of BS and endless process? What is the compelling reason we should vote you in to a second term on Malibu City Council? Public Safety and Environment and view protection/restoration seem to be the most compelling topics on the Patch. What the heck are YOU doing about them?
J. Flo December 27, 2011 at 05:27 AM
I'm glad that you made those and that I watched. Now I'll actually know how to use the huge fire extinguisher in the closet. Good info, Marshall - valuable! Thanks!
Andy Lyon December 27, 2011 at 05:06 PM
We hear that the new City Hall was a 'great deal' a lot... well, I suppose it might be looked at as a deal... there are lots of 'deals' in a bad economy. There are great deals on yachts and collectable cars right now too. I would be an idiot to go extend myself on a yacht right now because it was a good deal , when instead I should be making sure I have money to support my family. We can go back and forth here about the new City Hall but the fact is that they already bought the yacht . Now, do we stand by while they change the face of Malibu to try and pay for it by turning Malibu into exactly what we were trying to avoid by becoming a City in the first place ? Or do we try and live within our means as a City by pulling in the reigns ? The Machine needs to be stopped at City Hall.
Mr. Malibu December 27, 2011 at 06:00 PM
Andy - yes you're totally correct - except for one thing. The city should unload the building and significantly downsize. Get rid of Thorsen, Feldman, Hogan.. cut out half the staff and get a new lean clean machine and channel Pepperdine and Tapia back to the valley to water golf courses and other areas. GO VIRTUAL. We do not need a giant building to "host crowds of people" as there are already a ton of unused spaces.... what about the city moving to that building were WEA was? Let's face it - retail / commercial space demand will never come back.


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