Council Looks to Disband, Restructure Some Commissions

Under the proposal, the city of Malibu's Architects and Engineers Technical Advisory Committee, Native American Cultural Resources Advisory Committee, Trails Master Plan Advisory Committee and Economic Advisory Committee would be disbanded.

Committees that advise the Malibu City Council on how to vote on issues that pertain to Native American resources and Malibu trails could be on the chopping block this week.

Several other boards, committees and commissions could also see changes at the upcoming special city council meeting and mid-year budget review on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Malibu City Hall.

In May, the council appointed Mayor Lou La Monte and Councilman John Sibert to an Ad Hoc Committee to review the city's current commissions, committees, task forces and advisory boards for efficiency purposes, some of which have become dormant over the years.

According to recommendations from La Monte and Sibert, several boards and commissions should not be changed, including the Planning Commission, Public Safety Commission, Building Board of Appeals, Cultural Arts Commission and Mobilehome Park Rent Stabilization Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission.

But others could see sweeping changes or be outright disbanded.

The men have recommended that the Architects and Engineers Technical Advisory Committee, Native American Cultural Resources Advisory Committee, Trails Master Plan Advisory Committee, and Economic Advisory Committee be disbanded.

According to the report, the work of the Native American Cultural Resources Advisory Committee committee, which makes recommendations concerning Native American cultural resources, heritage preservation and education programs, could be transitioned to city staff and consultation with experts. 

The Trails Master Plan Advisory Committee oversaw the oversaw the creation of the city's Trails Plan, which was adopted in April 2011.

"The committee has assisted with the questions raised by the California Coastal Commission. Having completed its purpose, the Ad Hoc Committee concluded it was time to disband the committee," the report states.

The Architects and Engineers Technical Advisory Committee has not met since 2009.

The proposal includes changes in membership to the Harry Barovsky Memorial Youth Commission, which makes recommendations concerning city programs and projects targeted to serve young people. The commission currently has 18 members and seven alternates, according to the city's website.

The number of commissioners would be narrowed down to five, with the remaining members expected to participate in discussions and provide recommendations.

In addition, the Telecommunications Commission would be folded into the Public Works Commission. The existing board members of each commission would be removed, and each council member would appoint a new member to the new Public Works Commission after notice of the vacancies had been posted.

The Wastewater Advisory Committee, which makes recommendations
concerning wastewater management, treatment and disposal, would be changed from 10 members to five.


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