Councilwoman Hopeful for Solution to Paradise Cove Parking

The City of Malibu is working to restrict parking along Pacific Coast Highway at Paradise Cove, where residents and motorists have complained of heavy traffic on weekends and public safety issues.

Malibu Councilwoman Laura Zahn Rosenthal said Monday she hopes to have public safety improvements in place along Pacific Coast Highway at Paradise Cove by next summer.

"We want to limit parking if we can to make it safer," Rosenthal said during Mondays City Council meeting. " ... We’re moving forward and I really want to see something in place for next summer."

Residents have been vocal about traffic during the summer and dangerous conditions along PCH caused by beachgoers trying to park and walk to the popular beach along the highway.

Rosenthal and Malibu city staff met with representatives from the California Coastal Commission on Sept. 21 and with Caltrans on Sept. 13.

"We've been working with Caltrans. We've been working extensively with them for the past year, really pushing for them to get some work done on PCH, and they have done some work. They have cleared some areas. They have re-striped," Rosenthal said.

She said the California Coastal Commission expressed concern about limiting beach access along PCH.

"We're trying to be creative, but our number one goal is safety," Rosenthal said.

The city has been asked to inventory all of the public beach access and parking in Malibu, she said.

"Part of this we have already done and part of this is going to be done as part of the " Rosenthal said. 

However, the Coastal Commission does not want to limit parking, and has asked the city to continue to work with Caltrans, she said.

"I completely understand and I firmly believe in access for everyone, but it is difficult, because that is the first thing we did was to ask Caltrans to try to take back some of the right of way so that it would be safer, so you could actually park and walk," Rosenthal said.

Mayor Lou La Monte said he has been working with Caltrans staff for the past 10 years, and has dealt with a half dozen set of people in the agency.

"We’re going to stay on these people until we have worn them into the ground," La Monte said.

bruckey September 26, 2012 at 08:27 AM
Kelli September 26, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Lou La Monte says he has been working with CalTrans for the past TEN years on this issue -- and what has been accomplished in that decade, I wonder. I can't see any improvements. The corner of PCH and Paradise Cove on any summer weekend is chaotic. There are too many people trying to get to the beach in cars where there are not enough places to park. That's the reality. Parking along the highway is dangerous for those who park, walk and for drivers. Seems to me it's going to take a fatal accident to really get something DONE. Hopefully, people with the power to actually set something in motion to curb this problem will realize that and act before someone becomes a victim to the inaction of CalTrans, Coastal and the City to avoid the constant bottleneck all summer long.
Hans Laetz September 26, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Caltrans is a fortress of bureaucratic inaction. Two years ago, they told me they were going to erect a DO NOT ENTER sign where the tourist made an error and killed a motorcyclist in front of Geoffrey's. Two years later, no sign. It's still "on order." Every two years there is a whole new crop of administrators at the District 7 office. They come in with offers of help and communication and nothing changes. The "safety paddles" at Zuma are a perfect example. They are too big and bulky, they obstruct the view for cross-traffic and pedestrians. My formal complaint to Caltrans was investigated by the same engineer who put them in -- and guess what his finding was? Caltrans bosses KNEW that a Caltrans concrete inspector was faking his work, yet let him sign off on major projects like the new Oakland Bay Bridge, and projects in LA County. They did nothing, and now we are spending millions to X-ray the work he signed off on. There are MAJOR dangers to Malibu residents -- an entire hillside section of Highway 1 in Malibu is in danger of sliding down a hill and into houses in one part of Malibu. Caltrans answer has been to fiddle while its lawyer tries to screw the adjacent property owners into accepting legal responsibility for the mess created byt he state. And dealing with their "public information" office is an exercise in self-abuse. Don't blame Lou. Point the finger at Caltrans.
Ken Griffen September 26, 2012 at 09:54 PM
David and Denise, the issue is there is not enough parking to create a safe environment. Further I am not advocating prohibiting people from attending social functions at Paradise Cove, however there are numerous safety issues that need to be addressed and the current system is not working. So I guess you would be in favor of leaving the parking issue as is in Paradise Cove order to accommodate your personnel need to advocate social functions.
Ken Griffen September 26, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Kelli, You said it best. I don't understand why some people just don't get it.


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