Malibu High School Lights Project Passed to City Council

Two of five Malibu Planning Commissioners had a conflict on the project because of donations and another one lives too close to the project.

The Malibu Planning Commission was not able to vote on the Malibu High School lights project Tuesday because of conflicts.

Commissioners were expected to consider a coastal development permit and a conditional use permit for four 70-foot permanent lights at the sports field at .

Newly appointed Commissioner Mikke Pierson had a conflict because of a donation of $500 to the Shark Fund, which goes toward the lights project, according to Malibu Assistant City Attorney Gregg Kovacevich.

Commissioner Roohi Stack was also disqualified from voting because she is involved with the fundraising and donated $500, Kovacevich said. In addition, Commissioner Jeffrey Jennings lives too close to the high school and cannot vote on it per the Political Reform Act.

The permits were taken off the commission's agenda and will go before the Malibu City Council on June 25.

Learn more about the project at malibuhigh.org/bringonthelights.

Cindy Vandor June 07, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Test 70 ft lights at night, Laura, John, Joan, Lou, and Skylar. Please quickly ask the school for test lights and tests of noise levels with public address systems and recorded screams of crowds sent echoing across the canyons of western Malibu. Testing noise and night lights accurately and honestly is the only way people in Malibu can know what damage night lights and a football stadium will do. Testing night lights with balloons during the day is a test that can't be failed. Not even bothering to test for stadium noise shows colossal lack of consideration for the residents of Malibu Park. City Council must ask that the school do tests of what four 70 ft lights look like at night. Balloons show height but nothing else. Require honesty, require accuracy, require the school do test lighting at night. Alert everyone about when the test will be. If you don't ask for test lights at night you are saying you don't care about residents' peaceful enjoyment of their homes and you don't care about Dark Skies and you don't care about maintaining Malibu's rural character. What is it John? Joan? Lou? Skylar? Laura? A real test...or a pass for SMMUSD? Do you do favors....or do you do your job responsibly?
Diana Mullen June 08, 2012 at 10:08 PM
This is STILL going through?! I thought this was Dark Skies territory!! AND a public address system?! And the increased night time traffic around the school and on PCH? Wow!! There goes the property values in that neighborhood!!
Terry June 10, 2012 at 03:01 AM
laura rosenthal needs to recuse herself for sure. probably john silbert and lou lamonte also. they seem to favor breaking every thing we stand for including the law by bringing 70 foot tall lighting to the fields. oh and dont forget there is a proposal right behind that for a parking lot with lighting also. everyone gets to hear the public address system. once the lights go in malibu park will never be the same. even steven soberoff has contributed to the lights, laura's pet project. now she needs to recuse herself on whole foods also. over 100 houses in malibu park will be impacted. write sedmondson@malibucity.org and let her know "lower the lights"
Hans Laetz June 10, 2012 at 04:09 AM
Diana, we disagree and I respect your opinion. Property values in Malibu are significantly enhanced by the presence of a school that is in the top 100 of California high schools. The value of property values near the school are enhanced by the open spaces and ocean views that would otherwise be obstructed, and that are empty and silent more than half the days of the year. A rural community needs a heart. The city council voted 5-0 for the lights last time, and the new members should show the same maturity and decision-making clarity this time.
Hans Laetz June 10, 2012 at 04:09 AM
No Democracy has spoken. The council last time voted 5-0 in favor of the lights. Laura won her election to the council supporting, campaigning and endorsing the lights. The EIR is done. Enough delay, enough NIMBYs. The school kids have compromised and compromised. Terry, that area where you let your dogs pee on the grass has been a school campus for 60 years. It is NOT your private reserve. The p.a. system was there for years and NOT ONE PERSON complained about it until the nighttime use of the fields was held hostage by people opposed to the school renovation.


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