Malibu Partners with SurfAid to Adopt Sister Surf Paradise

"Both Malibu and the Mentawai Islands are iconic cradles of surfing culture that are faced with the duty of preserving their natural beauty," Malibu Mayor Lou La Monte said.

The city of Malibu recently partnered with the nonprofit SurfAid to adopt the Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra, Indonesia as a Sister Surf Paradise.

"Both Malibu and the Mentawai Islands are iconic cradles of surfing culture that are faced with the duty of preserving their natural beauty," Malibu Mayor Lou La Monte said. "Given our shared values of environmental stewardship, public health, education and community, the City is pleased to endorse SurfAid's commitment to advancing these values in the islands of Western Indonesia."

SurfAid is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of people living in isolated regions around the world connected by the sport of surfing.

Among its work, SurfAid leads educational programs on emergency preparedness on the islands off West Sumatra. The Mentawai Islands are located on one of the world's most active earthquake zones, which can trigger devastating tsunamis.

In 2010, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake generated a tsunami that killed 500 in Mentawai.

"By adopting the Mentawai Islands as a Sister Surf Paradise, the City of Malibu has demonstrated integrity and leadership that will help eradicate preventable suffering of the Mentawai people," said Dr. Dave Jenkins, founder and medical director of SurfAid.

"What we will accomplish together will echo on for generations and exemplify the importance of local and global citizenship."

More information about SurfAid is available at www.surfaid.org.

Mikke Pierson November 22, 2012 at 03:33 PM
SurfAid has had a long relationship with many people from Malibu, starting with those of us that have journeyed to the Mentawai Islands and visited this amazing part of the world. Yes it is an incredible surf paradise, but when you venture "behind the palms" it can become a life changing experience. Not only do you discover the traditional culture and the beautiful people of the islands, but you see how their lives truly hang in the balance for many reasons including the price of a mosquito net. Malibu resident Vic Calandra was the first person that told me about SurfAid, and after visiting the islands and meeting founder Dr Dave Jenkins (a truly remarkable man), we put on the first ever US fundraiser for SurfAid about 10 years ago. Since then many people from Malibu have been a part of helping save and improve the lives of those from the Mentawai's. Notably Debbie Franks art event a few years ago and Teresa Earle's Behind The Palms event last year were two of the best parties in Malibu and both raised funds that made a huge difference. A partial list of others that have played a huge part include Skylar Peak, Eytan Levin, Laird Hamilton, Donovan Frankenreiter, Sage Vaughn, Simone Harrer, Tom Shadyac, Laura Rosenthal, Tamara Dunn, Kelly Slater, Scully Cloete, Gracie Pierson, Leah Hamilton and no one has done more to help then Maggie Pierson. Thank you this partnership Malibu! It is the right thing to do and we look forward to a great relationship for many more years!
John Mazza November 22, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Thank you Mikke and all the others involved. It is much better for Malibu to link itself with the Mentawai Islands than the Chinese occupiers of Tibet. There is no surf in Tibet.


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