Malibu Road Property Owner Asks for More Time to Respond to Protest

Ardeshir and Tania Tavangarian are hoping to build a two-story home on Malibu Road near a popular surfing spot.

The husband and wife that own a Malibu Road property where they hope to build a new two-story home have asked for more time to respond to neighborhood protest over the plans.

A hearing on a coastal development permit and variance for the proposed 4,277-square-foot home at 24024 Malibu Road was originally set for the Tuesday, Jan. 22 meeting at Malibu City Hall.

The agenda for the meeting now requests that the plans be moved to "a date uncertain."

"They wanted more time to respond to the correspondence received on the project," said Joyce Parker-Bozylinski, Malibu's planning director.

The plans call for a two-car garage, concrete bulkhead, staircase to the beach, swimming pool and spa, view corridors and the installation of an alternative onsite wastewater treatment system, according to city documents.

The property, which is currently vacant and only houses a fence, guardrail and concrete retaining wall, is owned by Ardie and Tania Tavangarian.

A petition started by Malibu resident Oliver Damavandi in opposition to the plans has garnered 77 signatures as of this week. Neighbors are concerned that the proposed two-story home may compromise the stability of the slope and disrupt their views.

Terry January 24, 2013 at 01:47 AM
The people in the Planning and Building Departments are very well qualified and do a good job. U cannot deny the right of an owner to build in his property if he proves a degree of safety for the project. However over the years in Malibu a lot of people have built in areas of poor geology or in winter wave storm tracks. Cant say i agree with their choices. One last thing for consideration is the extremely high fees for malibu property owners even for doing an interior remodel. the public should be aware of these fees and be pretty upset as a community. i know your neighbors are when they apply for permits
Cece Stein January 24, 2013 at 02:54 AM
"A hearing on a coastal development permit and variance..." This word "variance" is huge. This implies that they purchased the property knowing full well that a coastal development permit is not allowed on that property unless one or more development restrictions are waived by the CCC. Many variances are routinely granted because building codes are so insanely restrictive. They often involve the height of a fence, a property line setback for constructing a deck or patio, and even the color a house is allowed to be painted. These typically present no health hazards and are agreed upon by adjacent property owners.. From what little we have read, it seems to me that this variance application involves installing an Onsite Wastewater Treatment system (OTS) in a location that does not qualify under current CCC, Malibu City, and County Health Dept. guidelines. This article states that they propose an "alternative onsite wastewater treatment system" but gives no details regarding the proposed "alternative" OTS. Many possibilities exist, from a mini "package plant" that thoroughly treats sewage and then discharges it into the ground, a mini "package plant" that thoroughly treats sewage and then utilizes the treated water in landscape irrigation, or a system that retains sewage effluent in a holding tank and has the effluent frequently pumped out and trucked to Tapia or Hyperion.
Cece Stein January 24, 2013 at 02:54 AM
We support these peoples' right to develop their property as long as public health is not threatened. Otherwise, it seems to me that there are many alternatives for a more appropriate use for that property that do not endanger water quality or public health.
Larry Abbott January 24, 2013 at 04:27 AM
Ah, I see James. Anyone who does not agree with your point of view is either uninformed or doesn't think before they speak. Got it. 77 signatures is a number that speaks for itself.....or shall I say whispers for itself. Perhaps, as you claim, i am uninformed about some aspect of this issue. but i know this much: This protest has gathered 3 new signatures since the last article. 3. People are not signing it because they do not agree with the premise.
James Madison January 24, 2013 at 06:08 AM
Actually, Larry, 77 signatures for one house is quite a few. Especially for a small town like Malibu. And it's not my opinion- read the staff report!!! Do the research!!! People don't sign petitions because they are hesitant to get involved with local politics, because of privacy issues, what have you. I'm sure you have come across a few petitions for causes in which you believed but refused to sign them. Please read the staff report and find out the details of this project.


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