More Delays for Trancas Country Market Lighting Plan

After three delays, the Malibu Planning Commission votes to put off the public hearing and will send out new notices when developers of the Trancas Country Market are ready to move forward.

Developers are still working with the Malibu West Homeowners Association on concerns raised over a plan for updated lighting at the renovated Trancas Country Market.

"The last meeting they said they were really close. They keep saying we are really close, but they keep going back and forth with the HOA," said Richard Mollica, associate planner for the city of Malibu.

On Monday, the Malibu Planning Commission voted to take the item off the agenda for the time being.

Mollica said the city will send out a new notice of public hearing once the plans are ready to move forward.

The early design of the plans include a parking lot with 43 pole mounted lights, 12 to 20 feet tall.

"The lighting concept plan further indicates that the developer's goal was to keep the light levels as low as feasible in an effort to 'keep home owners and local HOA (with roughly 250 families) happy," a city staff report dated Sept. 27 states.

The developer is working with Malibu West home owners to address their concerns about the proposed lighting plan.

In an email attached to the staff report, neighbors asked that lights at all reserved employee parking spaces be turned off once the businesses are closed and that lighting be reduced at night to the current levels.

A representative for the project wrote in the email that some lights will need to be left on for security purposes, but that the goal is to keep the lighting level low.

J. Flo November 21, 2012 at 07:53 PM
This is hysterical. And of course, no name. Must be a comedy writer in disguise as a resident.
Terry November 22, 2012 at 02:07 AM
its no joke. this is a tourist serving business. this is their attitude about development in malibu. pave paridise and put up lights and a parking lot. the high school is next. tennis courts slated to replace fields---approved by your city. they paved paridise to put up a parking lot. wake up malibu. dont let the city counsel destroy everything in the name of development. the clock is at 12
Mark Hayes November 22, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Personally I am far more fearful of the civic center wastewater plant that will lead to real massive development. As for Trancas it appears that negotiations are ongoing with the city and the neighborhood which many of us know little about but frankly when I read your consistently vile angry comments Ms. Vandor it seems you are always mad and disappointed. The buildings so far look beautiful,the project is completely one story, has many small independent tenants yet you remain pissed off. Perhaps there is something deeper here. Now I hate some things too but at some point in life I realized that no one wanted to hear my constant complaining and that made me a happier person. Fight for what you believe in but maybe you can find civility in your effort. I am hopeful that the issues will get resolved and we will have a better place to shop than the Point Dume center where frankly just parking gets one angry.
Cindy Vandor November 22, 2012 at 04:08 PM
It's about safety, not shopping. Trancas/PCH is not safe. Not for drivers, walkers, bus riders, bikers, or shoppers. Owners of Trancas shopping center have shown no regard for the public's safety getting in and out of their shopping center nor for the safety of adjacent homeowners in what is a box canyon with only one road in and out. Mr. Hayes, please go to the bus stop at Trancas/PCH and watch the traffic chaos I see every day. And please plan to attend the next funeral of a child or a caregiver or a tourist or one of your family members who is killed on PCH and then tell me I should not be angry when a shopping center owner is allowed to make Trancas and PCH even more dangerous???
Stephanie Pick December 02, 2012 at 01:40 AM
I agree:)


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