Parking Agreement Still an Issue for Malibu Skate Park

The Malibu Planning Commission is expected to vote on the project later this month.

The city of Malibu is working to alleviate concerns from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy over the use of a Malibu parking lot for a temporary skate park.

The temporary skate park is expected to be built in the northern corner of the parking lot at , and will take up 41 of 75 existing parking spaces, according to a city commission report.

Malibu Planning Director Joyce Parker-Bozylinski said previously the SMMC has concerns over the use of the parking lot and a shared parking agreement. A trail-head is nearby.

The Malibu Planning Commission is set to vote on the project at its June 19 meeting.

Some 1 1/2 acres of vacant land north of the park along Winter Mesa Road will be converted into a temporary parking lot with 110 parking spaces.

Except for major holidays, the skate park is expected to be open to the public on a daily basis.

Papa Jack's Skate Park was closed when developer Steve Soboroff did not renew the lease with the park in 2010 because of plans to build a shopping center that will include a Whole Foods grocery store. Soboroff has since donated $25,000 to help move the park elsewhere.


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